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Budget of Germany 2019: both expenses, and income grow

In the Bundestag the debate on the budget of the country for 2019 has begun. The Minister of Finance hopes that Germany will be able to do without debts again.

In Germany have begun a debate about the budget of the country for 2019. They were opened by the Minister of Finance of Germany Olaf Scholz at a meeting of the Bundestag on Tuesday, September 11. This subject will become one their main after return of the German parliament since vacation.

Scholz plans that expenses of Germany will grow by 13 billion euros, it is demanded by various coalition agreements adopted during formation of the government. It is expected that expenses in 2019 will make 356,8 billion euros.

Germany will do without debts again?

However, according to the draft budget, the country will be able to do without debts - budget revenues will also grow thanks to active tax revenues. Scholz hopes to keep so-called "black zero" - when expenses don't exceed income. Germany manages to adhere to such financial policy since 2014.

is Separately noted growth of allocations for defense of the country, expenditure of the Bundeswehr will grow almost by 4 billion euros and will make 42,9 billion euros. Growth of defense expenditures is regularly demanded from Germany by partners in NATO.

of Criticism of the budgetary plans of the government are dissatisfied with the sharp growth of expenses. "Costs grow quicker, than income. Thus, in 2021 the budget deficit can be 10 billion euros", - the president of the Union of the German taxpayers Reiner Holznagel has noted. At the same time the opposition in the Bundestag demands to increase expenses on fight against poverty, protection of climate and construction of affordable social housing.



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