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Bridge or implant: that it is better for a healthy and beautiful smile

When the person faces removal or loss of tooth it inevitably has a question, than to replace the lost tooth? At the same time having made it as it is possible quickly and with maximum efficiency. the Editorial office MOST-DNEPR news Agency learned

what options of tooth prosthetics exist and that experts think of them.

options exists Today two: to establish the bridge (a bridge-like artificial limb) or a tooth implant.

the Bridge is not the removable orthopedic design representing several false teeth connected in a row. It is fixed on the basic teeth located on both sides from destroyed, or on specially established implants.

In turn the implant is an artificial analog of a tooth root which the crown is put on. It is made of special materials, titanic alloys which do not cause an allergy and are not torn away by an organism. Implants are capable to replace any defects, reliably fix teeth and protect jaw bones from an atrophy - like natural fangs, they evenly distribute load of a jaw.

the Doctor with a 27-year experience, главрач dental clinic Ukrmedinvest Andrey Malyk tells that today in Ukraine installation of implants is considered the priority procedure at elimination of defects of a tooth alignment.

"For quite some time now, at the legislative level for dental offices introduced new rules. First of all, the doctor has to recommend to the patient a modern method - implantation, and after more outdated methods of prosthetics. In the return case the patient has the right to file a complaint about the doctor", - he says. However patients are still inclined to choose by

bridges because they are careful of implantation and precipitately consider it too expensive.

Merits and demerits of both designs
to avoid negative consequences of the rash decision, let's sort what merits and demerits have both designs.

Design features: The bridge on teeth is a design from two crowns between which false teeth are established. The implant in accuracy repeats a live fang on which by means of the abatment the crown is established.

Harm for healthy teeth Installation of an implant does not demand removal of a nerve and turning of the next healthy teeth what you will not tell about installation of the bridge. Need of turning of the next teeth is considered the main lack of a bridge-like artificial limb, the doctor the surgeon-stomatologist of the highest category, the candidate of medical sciences Anatoly Esmund considers. "To the patients I always suggest to determine by

both options that the person had an opportunity itself, what type of prosthetics is necessary to it. But I warn that at installation, for example, of an implant the teeth, next to absent, are not involved in prosthetics process in any way, at installation of the bridge inevitably grind and depulpirut basic, perhaps, absolutely healthy teeth which could remain "live" as early as many years", - noted



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