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"Bought that the dude in a subject": Artemy Lebedev complained of attempt of fraud with advertizing in Telegram

According to the businessman, the swindler under the guise of his agent deceived advertisers for 200 thousand rubles, promising to place advertizing in Lebedev's Telegram-channel.

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on October 16 Artemy Lebedev shared a story about how he fell a victim of the swindler in the Telegram-channel. According to Lebedev, the user by name the Move Haypov who was presented by the owner of two Telegram-channels with audience of 160 thousand people contacted him.

It suggested to become the agent of the founder of "Artemy Lebedev's Studio" and to look for advertisers for his personal Telegram-channel in exchange for 3-4% of the amount of transaction. Haypov planned to transfer by

regularly to it reports in "Documents of Google" and also to create to create the new account in Telegram and to give to Lebedev the login and the password that he could read correspondences with potential advertisers.

for this purpose was required to deliver to the businessman the reference to the new account in the description of the channel. And at this moment I from the mediocre businessman turned into the divorced sucker. And I specified the link to the channel in a profile that, certainly, could not be done because I did not know with whom I communicate.

Ya bought that the dude in a subject. Because just casual persons will not be so convincing: "You need to add feedback on Telegram the @temapr profile. And to answer questions: what do not you categorically advertize that then there were no misunderstanding? When the next space for advertizing? How often do you do advertizing? Whether there are discounts at the order from two advertizing?". Artemy Lebedev When Lebedev delivered to

the reference in a profile, his new agent began to look for advertisers, suggesting them to transfer money for the QIWI-PURSE. According to the businessman, managed to transfer to the swindler 200 thousand rubles. To the middle of day several people took an interest at me whether I went crazy. Because the dude was the active recidivist - and managed to kidanut a lot of people, especially in Telegram.

It was also rubbed in trust, sold advertizing on different successful channels and also disappeared. And people trusted it the same as I. Also put the reference to its deceptive accounts. And trustful clients transferred to it money.

Dexterity, aggressiveness, knowledge of details - the dude quite could earn, without throwing anybody. But it has a consciousness of the addict, it needs one dose, and consequences do not concern him. Ease with which it is possible to potyrivat kopeks on the Internet is lovelier it than reputation.

Artemy Lebedev at the end of the publication Lebedev revealed the real identity of the swindler. According to the businessman, it is the young man from Odessa by the name of Maxim Hanov.

"Well, let my bitter experience will serve as an example of how it is not necessary to do", - Lebedev summarized.



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