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BMWs and Daimler want to develop platforms for electric vehicles in common

The German carmakers BMW and Daimler want to develop in common platforms for electric vehicles that will allow each of them to save 8 billion dollars.

Information on it published the local editions Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Auto Bild, reports.

according to insiders, negotiations are in an active phase, but still are not complete. Therefore there is a certain probability that the parties will not agree.

Nevertheless, to sources already got a lot of technical information on negotiations. So, in case of a successful completion of negotiations of the party will be focused on development of platforms for electric vehicles of compact and average classes.

New platforms will be developed first of all for electric models, however in case of need they can be easily adapted for cars with internal combustion engines.

Is noted, as BMWs, and Daimler already made many investments in electrification of the automobile rulers.

In particular, already for a long time sells to BMW serial city penalties of BMW i3. Also the company announced the BMW iX3, BMW i4 and BMW iNEXT models and works on advance of electric Mini.

In turn presented to Daimler the whole family of the Mercedes-Benz EQ electric vehicles and offers buyers electric cities penalties of Smart. we Will remind


Before Volkswagen and its Chinese partner of Saic Motor began construction in Shanghai of the plant on release of electric vehicles and accumulators.

A of Tesla Inc. Recently got the land plot in the neighborhood of Shanghai for construction of the first plant in China.



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