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Новый BMW F 850 GS Adventure

Models of the GS BMW Motorrad series embody more than ten years the royal standards midsize tourist эндуро. The main feature of these motorcycles is an opportunity to pass big distances, sports dynamics and excellent off-road qualities.

After BMWs F 750 GS and F 850 GS presented in the fall 2017 a ruler bonus эндуро BMW Motorrad fills up new F 850 GS Adventure. Having inherited the dynamic, off-road nature of F 850 GS, new Adventure ideally combines maneuverability and an opportunity with comfort to pass long distances with excellent off-road qualities. As well as legendary opposite BMWs GS Adventure, new F 850 GS Adventure will keep the ideal company to fans tourist эндуро and travel in a research of the most remote parts of the planet on the motorcycle.

the New powerful two-cylinder line engine with the necks of a bent shaft and alternation of flashes of cylinders displaced on 90 ° in 270/450 °.

Creators of new F 850 GS Adventure have achieved a powerful and emotionally rich sound, using a bent shaft with the necks developed on 90 ° and intervals between flashes in cylinders in 270/450 °. Undesirable vibrations smooth out two balancer shafts. The new mechanism of the sliping coupling facilitates vyzhy a clutch lever and reduces the brake moment of the engine, increasing safety at sharp switchings to low gears. Six-step transmission and the main transfer with a chain which is on the left side of the motorcycle now is responsible for transfer of power on a back wheel.

the Modes of driving Road and Rain, ABS and ASC already in a basic equipment increase the level of safety and guarantee the maximum pleasure driving. The modes of driving Pro are available as an option.

New BMW F850 GS Adventure already in a basic equipment has two modes of driving: Road and Rain allowing to adjust behavior of the motorcycle according to a road situation and requirements of the driver, and ABS and ASC provide the highest level of safety. The dynamic stoplight which is also entering into standard equipment does the motorcycle more noticeable for the vehicles moving behind him when braking. The optional equipment includes the modes of driving Pro (Dynamic, Enduro and Enduro Pro), the system of dynamic control of draft of DTC and the ABS Pro system allowing to brake in an inclination.

the New frame from sheet steel, the optimized geometry of pendants and a new arrangement of the 23-liter fuel tank.

of Ram of bridge type of new BMW F 850 GS Adventure is made of steel elements of a deep extract. She involves the two-cylinder line engine as the bearing element and provides the high level of rigidity and reliability. Classical arrangement of the fuel tank? between a seat and a steering column - has allowed to optimize ergonomics and the center of gravity. the 23-liter fuel tank and low fuel consumption of a novelty allow to pass more than 550 km without refueling.

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