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Bloody slaughter at the Belarusian school: the pupil killed the teacher and the senior

In the Belarusian Columns the pupil of the 10th class committed an assault with a knife against the teacher and the school student. Both from traumatized died on the spot.

the 15-year-old teenager came to school, left in an office where there passed a lesson the satchel and left. After a while he returned to a class and stabbed the 50-year-old teacher of history, report in Investigative Committee of Belarus.

In the heat of the moment the teenager got also two schoolmates who interceded for the teacher.

the Woman died on the scene, teenagers at the age of 15 and 16 years are hospitalized, now nothing threatens their life,

- is said in the statement.

Investigators interview eyewitnesses of the tragedy at the Belarusian school

According to stories by one of schoolmates of the forward, there was everything suddenly, Sputnik tells.

Well sat down, I began to fill a notebook. This came. I thought, it went to the place, then raised the head, and it cut with its knife,

- the schoolmate of the attacker told.

According to his stories, blow by a knife had to the woman in a neck, panic
began Having used it further, the teenager left a class and came into other office where stabbed the 17-year-old pupil of the 11th class. The guy died on the scene too.

Flowers at the schoolhouse where there was a tragedy

after that the suspect ran out from the building of educational institution and tried to disappear.

Many children were closed in offices. Some time of pupils was not released from rooms, later the administration of school called parents of school students that those could take away them home. All were frightened of

, cried, but over time calmed down. Teachers tried not to panic and calm all who were in school,

- eyewitnesses told journalists.

of the Teenager detained and also withdrew from it a knife with which it killed the teacher and the school student. Searches at the place of residence of the guy during which law enforcement authorities withdrew the computer equipment and other electronic devices are carried already out.

Upon double murder at the Belarusian school already opened criminal proceedings. Investigators, that will petition before the prosecutor for application to the detainee of a measure of restraint.

Similar cases, unfortunately, are frequent. In particular, in the occupied Kerch in October, 2018 Vladislav Roslyakov arranged massacre in college where studied. He placed explosive which worked in the canteen of educational institution and also carried out execution of students, walking about along corridors of college.

as a result of mass slaughter in Kerch died 21 persons, even more than 50 people were wounded.

Latest news on February 10: Consequences of exclamation of police "Lay down, Bander", threats to priests




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