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Blockchain in business and cryptocurrency trading: reports from foreign cryptoexperts on Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

On September 19 the Smile-Expo company will hold the large-scale event of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv devoted to technology a blockchain and to cryptocurrencies. The conference will unite top cryptoexperts from Ukraine and from abroad which will discuss cryptocurrency regulation, application of a blockchain in business and the prospects of development of technology.

Among foreign speakers - the managing partner of BlockTrade Investments Zachary Reece and the chief owner of a product of IT-kompanii CA Technologies Alexandru Popa.

of Zachary Reece - the managing partner of BlockTrade Investments investment fund and the specialist in management of assets. A subject of the report of the expert - "Trading: problem and decision". the Speaker will tell


• about the factors influencing modern trade;

• as are connected a "bear" trend and volume of trading;

• as have changed trends of cryptocurrency trade for the last year.

of Zachary Reece holds consultations on the ICO organization, development of projects in the sphere of financial that and the industry of a blockchain. His BlockTrade Investments company provides services in management of assets.

the Chief owner of a product and a developer blockchain of IT-kompanii CA Technologies - Alexandru Popa - will be made the report by "The strategic value of a blockchain for business without hayp". the Expert will discuss


• strategic advantages which the blockchain provides to economy;

• blockchain value;

• how to optimize use of a blockchain, proceeding from a condition of the market.

of Alexandru Popa specializes in development of software solutions. He worked in such companies as Nokia and AT&T, and the blockchain developments in CA Technologies - the large company supplier of the software is engaged today.

the Organizer of the event - the international company Smile-Expo which has successfully carried out already the 44th blockchain conference in 25 countries.

of the Detail about a conference and registration - on the official site of an action.



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