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Bite lips: a star "50 shades gray" I have shown an elite nest

For a long time not a secret that the famous actor, a star of the movie "50 shades of gray" Jamie Dornan could gather several million dollars, and now he is engaged in arrangement of family wellbeing.

Not so long ago popular brunette has bought the yacht, and now the Hollywood star sells one of own mansions. Write the British tabloids about it.

Fortunately, to employees of the British edition it was succeeded to learn where earlier Jamie Dornan lived. As it has become clear that in real life the famous actor is the complete antithesis of the main character of the movie "50 shades of gray".

the 36-year-old brunette gives preference to minimalism and natural materials. So a star cottage which located in the suburb of Los Angeles, is estimated at 3,195,000 dollars. By the way, in spite of the fact that the cottage has been constructed in 1959, Dornan has employed designers who have made capital repairs.

the house of the actor decorate Now walls and a ceiling from dense transparent glass, 2 fireplaces, a jacuzzi, the spacious pool, gym and also kitchen, a garden and the place for a barbecue. It is remarkable that the American used natural wood, plaster and a stone which have helped to increase visually room space, and light colors have added to Jamie's possession an additional cosiness.

Should noting that in the territory of possession of the Hollywood actor the guest house which is built of environmentally friendly materials too is located. By the way, now Dornan's family plans moving to Europe. So far lovers choose between France and Great Britain.

Should reminding that the actor who has played Christian Grey's role in the cult movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" became one of the most desired men of the present. Fans have been sacredly convinced that only the perfect girl can become his beloved.

However, everything not everything is so simple. The other day pictures from rest Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner have snared.




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