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Bitcoin Unlimited suggests Bitcoin ABC and nChain developers to stop war a hard of forok

War for the future of the Bitcoin Cash protocol continues. Developers - both Bitcoin ABC, and nChain, become even more tougher and convinced of determination to introduction planned a hard a forka of network in November. However one neutral team calls for ceasefire. Having written

to a post at a bitcoin forum, the leading developer Bitcoin Unlimited, Andrew Stone, has offered the help for achievement of a compromise before war of words brings to a blockchain split in November.

This war is waged between Bitcoin ABC, headed by "the benevolent dictator" Amory Sechety (Amaury Sechet) and nChain whose contradictory chief scientist, Craig Wright, doesn't need representation. In a word, Bitcoin ABC has offered new changes in the BCH protocol, changes which as nChain and its supporters claims, contradict spirit of bitcoin.

Wright and nChain declared that they will release the own version of a full note of the BCH client, Bitcoin SV (reduction from "Satoshi Vision") which won't support an alternative set of changes, and repeatedly enters four "options of a code of Satoshi" and will increase the BCH block size to 128 MB.

of Change in both clients are activated in a November fork, having potentially broken Bitcoin Cash network into two competing chains.

Source: CoinDance

According to Stone proposal which has received the name BUIP098, Bitcoin Unlimited will accept changes of Bitcoin ABC, and those which are offered by nChain, and operators of notes can signal about the desire to reach a compromise by transition on the client of Bitcoin Unlimited. Functions can be activated on an individual basis according to vote of mayner, emergence of consensus or the user's configuration. It is ironic that these changes are mutually compatible, however both groups of developers don't agree with changes another, - Stone has noted.

Stone has told further that he has offered Bitcoin ABC and nChain the mediation for the solution of problems of teams of both developers, however attempts of Bitcoin Unlimited have been rejected by both camps that has forced him to believe that the dispute concerns the power and an ego, but not technical advantages to advantage of users. Representatives of Bitcoin Unlimited investigated the idea of a compromise with representatives of both groups, and still haven't achieved success, even the slightest changes (for example, change of a constant best of all approaches) have been rejected. Considering that both of these teams have said that they don't accept any changes irrespective of as far as they are reasonable, I can only draw a sad conclusion that again there are talks about the power and an ego, but not about technical advantages and acceptance by end users. Now no more than one third of Bitcoin Cash operators is used by clients of Bitcoin Unlimited whereas nearly two thirds use Bitcoin ABC. Various other clients of a full note of BCH, according to CoinDance, divide other 1,89% of network. (Bitcoin SV isn't released yet, and nChain hasn't published any other software



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