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Birthday of Madonna: school terror, first scene and juicy archive

The pop queen, the writer, the director, the producer, the designer, happy mother having many children and just the beauty, even in the 60 - all this about one woman. The Madonna has risen by a musical Olympus far not so quickly as you imagine, but that from this fair-haired girl the star will turn out, all knew since the childhood. Childhood and Madonna's youth: the unknown facts the Real American dream has come from life of the actress many years later, but Madonna has begun the way with the bottom most of which of citizens of the USA openly call "a social bottom". And then she slowly, but has very surely turned into a sex icon of the 20th century.

Today Madonna Louise Ciccone - one of the richest and influential women of world show business. In 2018 her fortune was estimated in $580 million

future singer Was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, the State of Michigan. Mother of a celebrity, Madonna Louise Fortin, came from the family of the Canadian French, worked as the technician at X-ray. The father, the American of the Italian origin Silvio "Tony" of Ciccone, was engineer-designer at the plant of cars Chrysler.

By the Italian traditions the girl has received a name of mother. When to Madonna Jr. it was executed 5, mother has died of breast cancer. the 30-year-old woman bore the sixth child, and the chemotherapy meant an inevitable abortion.

Being a religious woman, it couldn't go to it. The child was born, and several months later mother has died. The father repeatedly married the maid of family Joan Gustafsson. So the girl had had summary brother Mario and the sister Jennifer.

Grew Madonna in devout Catholic family in the suburb of Detroit. As the singer admits, she wasn't in the childhood the general favourite, all considered her the girl "with greetings". "With me managed cruelly, but I didn't allow to walk about myself and only emphasized the allogeneity", - she remembered. The real honors pupil with good behavior - it is no wonder that she was so loved by teachers and peers hated. In 14 years Madonna has given up as a bad job the principles of morals: I have come to a school competition to bikini, and I have painted a body with fluorescent liquid. The father has been forced to put the daughter under house arrest, for eyes she was even called the prostitute.

the girl, being on the stage, at last I have felt that whom she is. And the concept of "star / prostitute" passes a keynote through her creativity since then.

It hardly made ends meet, lived in poverty, Donuts worked in Dunkin 'and cooperated with a number of dancing groups. Now Madonna remembers that period of the life as desperate: "When I have arrived to New York, it was for the first time when I flew by plane, for the first time even called the taxi, - everything was for the first time. And I have arrived with 35 dollars in a pocket. It was my brave act". Today it is unlikely someone will dare to tell offensive things in her address as it was at school. And even if will tell, the opinion of the majority will always mean more, than small groups of haters - it concerns not only Madon



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