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Birch accused Shariya of attack, the blogger returned the favor

The People's Deputy of Ukraine Borislav Bereza met voters in the Desna district, but something went wrong. The conflict was at some point started and to the parliamentarian sprinkled with the gas spray in a face. The deputy did not suffer, and here attackers were detained, now the police are engaged in them. We called Borislav Bereza to express support.

Bereza: "Who employed Shary we now understand"

- Borislav what happened to you in Troyeshchina yesterday?

- unknown after the meeting with voters tried to scatter Yesterday to me in a face gas. They managed to be stopped, stopped to detain together with a barrel, with all the rest. Officially there was an attack attempt. Representatives of law enforcement agencies say that it is Shary and who employed Shary we understand now. Well, kind of it is already known. The rest is calculated let by law enforcement agencies, they for this purpose also exist.

- And what you did not please Shary with? It, it seems, has no mazhoritarshchik. You with it have no direct competition.

- No. This is just the mercenary, he earns on it money. For him it is not policy, for him it is business. Someone employed it that he performed work. And who employed, we already practically know.

- And how you think, who it?

are competitors on the district.

- And how you feel after all this history?

- Perfectly I feel.

- And where now there are attackers?

- They are detained, already give evidences.

Shary: "He badgered offense and thinks out some nonsense"

As both parties of the conflict learn to listen to us in any situation, the following call was to Anatoly Shary.

- Anatoly, there in Troyeshchina attacked Borislav Bereza and he says that this attack on it was organized by you. Why did you offend him?

- That it went.... (further a part of the quote is cut out by the editor). What attacks? If he wants to make thus something with my registration with something there still, then at him nothing will turn out because it is bullshit. There went our person there - it is the candidate Artur. He was there, finished shooting and quietly from there left. If this moron to himself invented something specially and wants to inflate from this something, then at him nothing will leave. No, I have no relation neither to any attacks, nor to any barrels. And if I should have attacked someone, then, probably, I would attack not Bereza.

- So, and at it was some conflict with this Artur? there Is no

- of course. That finished shooting to itself(himself) and left quietly. I heard that Bereza's protection allegedly took away the camera from some boy. The boy pursued Bereza's protection, they beat him. And this boy has no relation to us absolutely. That is he not in party, he is not our candidate. It's totally ludicrous some. It is some next cunning idea, most likely. To bring up already me - attempt at the important People's Deputy Bereza.... gas attempted or what? Same not a curare (the southern American strelny poison - an edition) some. Pepper barrel attempt. Generally, my opinion



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