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BIOSTAR announced support of Windows 7 on the AMD and Intel platforms

The BIOSTAR company declared support of the Windows 7 operating system on latest models of motherboards of Intel and AMD, such as A10N-8800E and H310MHG.

the Windows 7 operating system is At the moment the second in prevalence in the world. It is used by houses, at offices, schools and the state organizations. Thus, the offer of BIOSTAR gives the chance to use "seven" on the latest Intel and AMD platforms. The complete list of compatible payments and versions of BIOS is given below.

the Microsoft Corporation stops support of the outdated Window 7 operating system, but users have opportunity to establish the newest security update of SHA-2. This updating allows to fix problems with safety on outdated operating systems. For safety improvement the BIOSTAR H310MHG motherboard is equipped with the TPM socket for connection of cryptographic TPM modules that is crucial for the organizations which need the increased data protection level. Along with TPM modules also other safety technologies are used: biometric verification, antivirus software, firewall, smart cards and other.

BIOSTAR AMD and Intel Motherboards are completely compatible to Windows 7 OS now. In cooperation with Microsoft the latest technologies and security updates were created. BIOSTAR offers reliable, stable and available motherboards which will ensure safe functioning in the environment of Windows 7.

Security update of SHA-2 will be distributed during 2019, since March 19th, including separate security updates of KB4474419 and KB4490628.

Creation of an adjusting image of Windows 7 on
For H310MHD3, H310MHG, H310MHC2 and H310MHD PRO2 motherboards the BIOSTAR company developed the utility for creation of adjusting images of Windows 7 on flash drives. The adjusting image of Windows 7 will work also on other BIOSTAR motherboards with support of Windows 7.

Creation of an image of Windows 7 on the USB carrier:

Download the utility for Windows

Connect the USB carrier to the
Follow instructions on our website or on the website of Intel

the Windows 7 Installation and drivers with
Install Windows 7 from the USB carrier. When loading the computer press the F9 button (attention: Intel H310 does not contain the built-in drivers of VGA for Windows 7)

Log in and install drivers for Windows 7:

Use the disk RI9.05B or later version
Establish Hot Fix for TPM2.0

Establish Hot Fix for ME

Establish Hot Fix for NET Framework 4.5.1

Install drivers for the motherboard (use DVD or CD of the version of RI9.05B or later) to

After installation reboot.



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