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Binance starts BEP2 token tied to bitcoin for trading

Binance declared start of trade couples of BEP2 tied to cryptocurrencies, since bitcoin token - BTCB. the Cryptocurrency giant announced

it in the blog on the website published on Monday, June 17, 2019. According to the statement, Binance plans to offer crypto - the attached tokens on the DEX platform, since BTCB.

Users will be able to trade in trade couple with BTCB. According to the announcement on Binance, trade couples of these BEP2 of tokens will be always tied to a token and its own cryptocurrency.

of Binance says that each token of BEP2 will be completely supported by own cryptocurrency. The company reports that it will also provide the address in a reserve purse that interested persons could carry out own audit.

of Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance placed a tweet several hours to the announcement, having said that there will be a transaction 9001 BTC from a platform purse. It will be soon transferred 9001 BTC, it is not necessary FUD-and, be not frightened. It for good business, a detail subsequently! Any who wishes to keep account of reserve funds BTC for BTCB tokens can make it to the address, the provided Binance. In spite of the fact that the transparency costs respect, the idea also looks as copying of the steyblkoin tied to Fiat, especially considering the text of the announcement in which it is said: The blockchain suggests much easier way to check reserve cryptobalance, than a traditional binding of bank balance. For Binance, start of trade couples tied to cryptocurrencies provides more markets for traders on its platform. This expanded trade catalog, according to the company, will increase liquidity on the DEX platform.

in general, Binance expects that users will seize the opportunity to trade in tokens which cannot be found on other platforms. Arriving thus, Binance hopes that the general usefulness of the DEX platform will continue to grow, thus maintaining the status of the highest rating of the decentralized market of cryptocurrencies in the industry.

of the Detail are published in the announcement, show that at trade in couple of BTCB/BTC there will be a price spread of 0.1% with primary big orders for purchase. To support 100% support for new trade couples, the exchange says that she will be convinced that: Order value on purchase and means on published reserve to the address will be more, than the general offer of the attached token, providing always 100% support. Except a promise of increase in liquidity at Binance DEX, start crypto - the fixed BEP2 tokens is also continuation of a swap which is used for exchange of tokens of ERC20 BNB in the actual tokens of BEP2 BNB.



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