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Big compression of the Universe doesn't threaten, the scientist claims

For all history of studying of space the set of theories about his state and development has been put forward. One of the leading cosmologists of the present Sean M. Carroll has explained in an exclusive interview for Naked Science an essence of model of development of the Universe most standard today.

B two independent projects - Supernova Cosmology Project and High-Z Supernova Search Team - have found out 1998 that the Universe not only extends as Edwin Hubble still has in the late twenties shown, but also it accelerates.

is hard to Register this phenomenon as for this purpose it is required to watch the same object for a long time. Watching far galaxies, astronomers and astrophysicists can see that they move away. Speed with which these galaxies move can be registered. Then if after a while to return to observation of the same objects, it will turn out that they began to move away quicker. And the farther from us the galaxy, the quicker it moves away from us.

"Is about a cosmological constant, about vacuum energy - the idea stated still by Einstein. According to her, in the emptiest space energy is concealed. She parts forcibly space, accelerates the galaxies which are moving away from us, - doctor Carroll, professor-researcher of physics from the Californian technical institute explains (Kaltekh). - Vacuum energy is curious the fact that it doesn't change. It isn't diluted in the course of expansion of the Universe".

According to professor Carroll, unlike all known types of matter and radiation which quantity decreases by this area of space with his increase vacuum energy remains identical on each cubic centimeter, irrespective of extent of expansion of space. In other words, the more we receive spaces, the more we receive energy of a vacuum.

Doctor Carroll claims that if this tendency doesn't change in the future, then the Universe will eternally stretch and extend. According to the present models constructed according to the latest cosmological data, the space doesn't collapse back in singularity - Big compression - because of a cosmological constant. As a result later many billions of billions of years the Universe is waited by the future in which stars will exhaust all reserves of the fuel and will finally cease to burn, having shipped it in eternal darkness. According to professor, all objects in space will move away from each other so that the Universe, in fact, will become empty space.

"Is the simplest interpretation of the fact that we know about the Universe and its destiny. There can be different things. Dark energy can experience phase transition and disappear, and then in empty space zero or negative energy can appear - and everything is capable to collapse, - Carroll says. - It is curious that we think of the Universe as about something old, to it 14 billion years. But we strongly are mistaken. The Universe is very young - in comparison with what old it will become as a result".

the Full interview with Sean Carroll can be read in fresh in



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