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Between Ukrainians and Poles the third party - Vyatrovich will always use opposition

The director of the Ukrainian institute of national memory Vladimir Vyatrovich has noted that in 1918 declaration of independence of Ukrainians and Poles has led to a war between them.

is interested In a complication of the relations between residents of Ukraine and Poland the third party. It on air of TV channel of "Straight line" was said by the director of the Ukrainian institute of national memory Vladimir Vyatrovich.

"is 2018 a year when both Poland and Ukraine note restoration of the independence, happened in 1918. We have to remember and understand about it that then, unfortunately, declaration of independence of Ukrainians and Poles has led to a war between them. And then to falling of Ukrainian, and then and the Polish state.... The main lesson is that between Ukrainians and Poles the third party will always use opposition", he said.
in the territory of Galichina lasted From November 1, 1918 to July 17, 1919 armed conflict by the Polish people's republic with the West Ukrainian people's republic and the Ukrainian people's republic. Later Ukraine became a part of the Soviet Union. Hitlerite Germany and the USSR have divided Poland among themselves.

In October, 2016 the Polish Sejm and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine have adopted the joint Declaration of memory and solidarity which had to put an end to historical disputes. Despite it, the historical question remains a tension source between the countries.

became known on April 26, 2017 that at the cemetery of the village Grushovichi near Peremyshl have sorted a gravestone monument to soldiers of UPA. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called actions for destruction of a monument "demonstrative and provocative". The Ukrainian institute of national memory in May, 2017 reported that in three years in Poland 15 Ukrainian monuments have been destroyed or damaged.

in the Summer of 2017 the Ukrainian side has refused Polish search and exhumation of the Poles buried in the territory of Ukraine.

the president of Poland Andrzej Duda and the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko have met on December 13, 2017 in Kharkiv. Leaders have come to a conclusion that historical questions shouldn't influence strategic partnership of Ukraine and Poland, Poroshenko has said.

Duda after the meeting said that presidents have agreed "not to take steps within the next uvekovechivaniye which aren't based on scientifically checked proofs". He also said that it is necessary to immortalize "specific people who have died".

on May 26, 2018 specialists of Institute of national memory of Poland have finished excavation on the place of a monument in Grushovichakh. The Bureau of search and identification of INP of the country have said that on the place civil single burials of 16 people - men, women and children who, most likely, don't belong to soldiers of UPA have been found.

In turn, the secretary of the Ukrainian State interdepartmental commission on affairs of perpetuating of memory of participants of anti-terrorist operation, the victims of war and political repressions Svyatoslav Sheremeta has said that on preliminary withdrawals of group украинск



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