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Berlin will construct the Museum of emigration

6,3 million euros from sale of works of art will go for creation of the museum. His exposition will tell about the people fleeing at the time of national socialism Germany.

the Museum of emigration (Exilmuseum) - will be called so the new museum which is planned to be created in Berlin. He is wanted to be devoted to people who after coming to power in Germany of national socialists have been forced to flee the country. The means obtained from sale at the auction of a private collection will be spent for financing of construction of the museum. The most valuable graphic works the 76-year-old Berlin art dealer Bernd Schulz has offered on these purposes.

of Pablo Picasso's work Among them, Henri Matisse, Oscar Kokoschka, other eminent artists. The auction has taken place in the Berlin auction house of Villa Grisebach, one of founders of which is Bernd Schulz. Lots which have been sold at auction auction have brought 6,3 million euros.

About people in exile
For Bernd Schulz creation of the Museum of emigration - extremely important project. As the collector in an interview to the German journalists has told, the fate of 500 thousand citizens of Germany who at the time of national socialism have been forced to take exiles a bitter and thorny way will be reflected in an exposition and to live out of German-speaking cultural space.

Three hundred works of the fine arts created for the last 500 years were among lots offered for sale in Berlin. The preface to the auction catalog where their facsimiles and the description are placed, is written by the Nobel Prize laureate on literature Gerta Mueller (Herta M? ller).

More than 30 years ago the writer who has tested all burdens of the regime of Ceausescu herself has been forced to leave native Romania and to emigrate to Germany.

the writer who has Gained the global recognition actively promotes creation of the Museum of emigration in Germany since 2009. "In our country there is no such place where it would be possible to realize such phenomenon as emigration on the example of the fate of certain people. And in the Museum of emigration the younger generation of Germans could gain such impression", - she has written on the website of constituent fund of future museum.

to Realize scales of the tragedy

the Museum of emigration is planned to be built in the central part of the German capital near the Ankhaltsky station - the former station of distant following. Head of constituent fund, former director of the German historical museum in Berlin Christoph Shteltsl (Christoph St? lzl) highlights the historical importance of this place. "Exactly from here tens of thousands of people went to emigration. Among them there were Heinrich Mann, Alfred Deblin (Alfred D? blin), George Grosz", - he reminds.

the Idea to create the Museum of emigration in Berlin has got stronger after the book about the German emigrants for which the photographs executed by the famous German pictorialist of the Jewish origin Stefan Moses have served as illustrations was published. During work on this edition to Piece



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