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Belshina AstartA SUV "peretormozit" eminent competitors on tests in Finland

The tire Belshina AstartA SUV BEL-403 of 225/60R18 in size intended for operation on crossovers and SUVs including, and for a factory complete set of the cars released by the North-Western Administrative District of Beldzhi became one of the last developments of which the Belarusian company Belshina is proud. As the shinoproizvoditel from Babruysk notes, it is the first 18-inch tire put on mass production in JSC Belshina.

of Belshina AstartA SUV is a new line of the Belarusian passenger tires intended for equipment of full-size cars of the class SUV. Today the market was entered already by three models of tires of this ruler with road type of the drawing of a protector in sizes: BEL-402 (215/60R17), BEL-411(225/65R17) and BEL-403 (225/60R18). Shortly the ruler will be replenished with new standard sizes with a landing diameter from 15 to 18 inches. Also by the next winter season a conclusion to the market of a new line of tires with winter type of the drawing of a protector under the AstartA Snow SUV brand is planned.

last week the Belarusian Internet portal ABW.BY published the report on comparative tests on the ground of the Nokian Tyres company in which the Belshina AstartA SUV BEL-411 model, "which is put on Geely, "peretormozit" almost all eminent competitors". At the same time the shinoproizvoditel emphasizes that besides the Geely crossovers of the Belarusian assembly, AstartA SUV BEL-411 is suitable for the equipment of 35 various models of crossovers and SUVs, beginning from Chery Tiggo and Dodge Grand Caravan and finishing Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, Lexus RX (I and II) and Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class. on the Nokian Tyres ground in Finland new Belshina AstartA SUV BEL-411 showed to

very worthy results In comparative tests. In tests for noise level its indicator was 71 dB, the index of coupling on wet covering 1,42 (class B), coefficient of resistance to swing 10,18. Especially impressed its results in braking on wet asphalt from 80 to 5 km/h. Length of a brake way of the Belarusian novelty was 26,01 meters. Better an indicator only at the Nokian Hakka Blue 2 SUV model (25,72 m).

A here is how looks the final protocol of comparative tests for braking on a wet surface:

1. Nokian Hakka Blue 2 SUV - 25,72 meters;

2. Belshina AstartA SUV BEL-411 - 26,01;

3. Michelin Latitude Sport 3 - 26,18;

4. Dunlop SP Sport FM800 - 26,9;

5. Pirelli Scorpion Verde - 27,29;

6. Cordiant Sport 3 - 29,68;

7. Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV 4x4 - 30,21;

8. Toyo Proxes ST III - <33,>
As are reported by the press service of a shinoproizvoditel, for the purpose of successful creation of wide scale of the car tires comparable to the last foreign analogs of the western firms, the plan of works on design and development of new standard sizes and models of tires of JSC Belshina for 2018 included the big range of tires with more and more gaining popularity at the wide consumer with a landing diameter at 17 and 18 inches.



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