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Bellew has delivered to Lomachenko on the first place in P4P rating, the Short mustache - the fourth

Tony Bellew has made the rating of the best boxers regardless of weight category.

the Ex-world champion Tony Bellew has announced the list of the best boxers of P4P on which first place he has put the superchampion in lightweight according to WBA Vasily Lomachenko.

of the future rival of the all-around champion in heavy weight Alexander Usik Bellew has defined on the 4th place.

"Any doubts concerning the one who has to be on the first place. He is the biggest person in boxing. He can strongly strike, and he has balanced actions both in attack, and in protection. I don't even think that he still needs to improve somehow himself, however, the more skilled he becomes, the it is less than chances at his rivals", - Bellew quotes Sky Sports.

the Best boxers of P4P according to Tony Bellew:

1. Vasily Lomachenko (Ukraine)

2. Terence Crawford (USA)

3. Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan)

4. Alexander Usik (Ukraine)

5. Undershirts Garcia (USA)

6. Errol Spence Jr. (USA)
7. Naoya Inoue (Japan)

8. Anthony Joshua (Great Britain)

9. Saul Alvares (Mexico)

10. Luís Nery (Mexico)
we Will remind
, Tony Bellew in the following duel will meet Alexander Usik then I intend to finish career.



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