Date: 5 months ago   Category: Culture

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima and others behind the scenes of the show Victoria' s Secret

Before shows of Victoria's Secret remain few hours and backstages work is humming now - makeup artists and stylists should prepare models for display and each of them has to look faultlessly! Places in chairs were already taken by Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, Martha Hunt, Stella Maxwell and, of course, all other participants of a grandiose event.

of SLETNIK.RU suggests to glance in бэкстейдж and to estimate as there is a preparation for a show!

of Sisters Hadid often compare - also today's display won't become an exception, but Bella and Gigi are unseparable even in operating time with masters of a meykap and hairstyles - girls obviously stay in excellent mood and don't think of the competition among themselves at all.

A here Kendall Jenner is worthy the title "Ms. Nevozmutimost" - while the others play the fool, the girl captiously estimates results of work of stylists.

Ideal мейк and a hairstyle, of course, are important, but the selfie - is even more important! It seems, Stella Maxwell and Bella Hadid are convinced of it!

Special attention will be riveted this evening and to Behati Prinsloo - the girl comes back to a podium of Victoria's Secret after a three-year break.

A here after display by one "angel", perhaps, will become less - shortly before the show there were rumors that Adriana Lima, perhaps, will stop participating in displays of Victoria's Secret.

One more expected exit of this evening is Elza Hosk. Trusted to show her legendary Fantasy Bra this year. Already in a couple of hours we will see Elza in this magnificent set worth one million dollars! So far Marta Hunt paints

the skilled makeup artist Jasmin Tuks, apparently, and itself not bad copes with drawing a make-up.

the Debutant of today's show - Winnie Harlou!

Readiness number one! Barbara Palvin, Zhozefin Skriver and Romi Streyd in painful, but joyful expectation of the beginning of a show.

of Model long ago assembled - now in make-up rooms appear also the performers who are responsible for music of a show! One of the first Rita Aura has joined "angels".

Well, we wait for the beginning of a show!



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