Date: 9 months ago   Category: Economy

Beet will be good, and here cabbage not really, - as a summer heat has affected a harvest of vegetables and fruit

The summer heat has positively affected fruit and?? vegetables which contain sugar - they will be very sweet. At the same time high temperatures haven't really well affected quantitative and quality indicators of vegetables, in particular root crops. However in general, the quantity and quality of a harvest of vegetables and fruit will be satisfactory.

About this UNN were reported in the comment by specialists of department of agricultural meteorology of Ukrgidrometcentre.

"Enough sunlight, of course, promotes formation of a large number of sugars in fruits. Though quantity of a harvest and not really optimistical, but quality of vegetables and fruit very good: grapes, watermelons, beet", - agrometeorologists have noted.

Concerning cabbage, because of dry weather, according to experts, she loses the quality - becomes dry. With root crops a situation also not really good as, since April very high temperatures of the soil were fixed.

"At a depth of 10 cm up to 25 degrees and gives a soil warming up to the termination or delay of increase of mass of a root above. But everything depended not only on temperature, but also moisture availability. Where there was a moisture, there everything is normal. In general, the harvest of sugar beet won't be worse, than last year, it is possible even the best. And here carrots urodit not really well", - experts predict.

If to consider a situation in general, then big losses of a harvest because of a heat and a drought isn't predicted.

As have reported in department of agricultural meteorology of Ukrgidrometcentre, the grain yield this year is less last year's because of temperature stresses in April and May, but it is an average if to compare indicators of the last five years.

Gross collecting early grain also not bad, in particular bread. Though the picture was a little spoiled by rains in July when there passed the cleaning period in many areas. It has affected quality of grain - less food wheat is gathered, than it was expected, but a situation not catastrophic. Moreover, the good harvest of corn and sunflower is expected that will act as the compensator.



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