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Beckham will appear before the court: the famous football player has roughly broken the law

The ex-midfielder Manchester United and the former captain of English national team David Beckham has broken the law

Football player is accused of non-compliance with traffic regulations, Daily Mail reports.

according to the edition, in January of the current year the former football player moved across the western London on the Bentley brand car with a speed of 59 miles per hour (about 95 km/h). It is noted that in this zone the maximum allowed speed is 40 miles per hour. Violation has been recorded by means of surveillance cameras. It is noted that the Englishman denies the fault.

Hearing on this case will take place on August 28 in one of courts of London. If to declare the ex-football player the guilty person, he is threatened by a penalty or punishment in the form of deprivation of the driving license.

As transferred Politeka, the personal coach on yoga of the world famous football player David Beckham has advised how to improve brain activity. Shauna Vertu, Beckham's trainer, has told Business Insider about the simple equipment of "eight steps" for improvement of brain activity and increase in productivity. Such training, by words Vertu, will take you about 5 minutes.

1. For a start close eyes. Within three seconds inhale and for as much seconds exhale.

2. Blindly and straightened by a breast turn the head to the left, you deeply breathe, then repeat to the right side.

3. Cross fingers behind the head and raise a thorax it is possible above. But don't throw back the head too far back, stretch a back by means of hands which are at you behind the head.

4. In a sitting position put the right hand on the left leg. Raise the left hand up and bend to the right. Trade hands places and repeat.

5. Make on several turns of a trunk to the left and to the right (exercise a twist).

6. Just yawn. It helps a brain "to reboot". Also, yawning stimulates the site of a brain which is responsible for more conscious and vigilant state.

7. Cross fingers and raise hands over yourself.

Also Politeka wrote that Victoria Beckham has subdued Paris stylish: all in white.




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