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Because of excrements in an organism the man has nearly died in London

The rectum of the young man has begun to be torn that has led to organism poisoning, at him kidneys have begun to refuse and urgent surgical intervention was required.

of Excrements is an amusing thing. People often speak about them and joke. For this purpose there is even a smilie on social networks. However for one 24-year-old guy in London, excrements weren't laughing. Actually, his inability to defecate practically cost him life. the person to whom emergency medical service has been provided had

history of chronic locks, but something went wrong when he has arrived to clinic, complaining of severe pain in a stomach. The man has received depletive that pressure in him has weakened, but he has returned all in couple of days with a bigger pain and weight in a stomach. As it has appeared, excrement has been "so stamped" that his bodies have begun to be disconnected.

Detailed studying of a condition of the young man has shown that he suffers from such diseases as megacolon and мегаректум. All this can sound as the beginning to a bad joke, but conditions of such diseases are incredibly dangerous, and in this concrete case the rectum of the person has extended to such an extent that has begun to be torn, poisoning him from within.

Soon after that doctors have understood that his kidneys, trying to filter more and more toxic blood, begin to refuse. He was immediately sent for operation, and surgeons have restored his damaged interiors and have exempted from his fecal burden.

"For most of patients with chronic megacolon and a lock non-surgical approach can be effective", - doctors in the report explain. - "It includes enemas, water-soluble contrast enemas and oral polietilenglikolevy solutions. If these methods are successful, then patients can be allowed to go home with councils for food.

However didn't assume this concrete case that these methods could be effective, and operation was the last hope for rescue of life of the man. Because of excrements in an organism he has nearly died, but doctors have managed to save him that he soon could be discharged from hospital.



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