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Because of a drought production of grain - the UN will fall in the world

Volumes of world production of grain crops in 2018 will reach 2,587 billion tons that is 2,4% lower than record level for last year.

has reported about it to Ukrinform department of communications of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

"Production of wheat in the world this year was reduced by 14 million tons, to nearly 722 million tons that is the smallest harvest since 2013. The drought and heat have strengthened reduction of a harvest in Europe", - it is said in the statement.

on the other hand, volumes of production fodder grain in the world have made 15 million tons since July, with the prospects of production of corn in China, Ukraine and the USA, as opposed to reduction in the EU and the Russian Federation.

According to the last forecasts of FAO, in 2018 volumes of fodder grain will make about 1 354 million tons that there is 2,6% below than the level of 2017.

At the same time, is expected that volumes of production of rice will grow to 1,3% in comparison with the corresponding period of last year and will reach new record indicators of nearly 512 million tons in 2018, supporting restoration of production in Bangladesh and Vietnam and also strengthening of attempts of restoration in Sri Lanka and the USA.

According to the last forecasts of FAO, use grain in the world will grow to 2 648 million tons mainly because of increase in deliveries of corn for fodder and industrial use and also a stable harvest of rice.

"A ratio of stocks grain to consumption will decrease, especially in China, the EU and the Russian Federation and also it is expected that world reserves grain will decrease to 27,3% that will mean the first decrease in five years. It is expected that world trade grain in 2018-2019 will make 414 million tons that is 1,5% lower than record indicators of last year", - it is noted in the forecast of FAO.



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