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Bavaria on nerves beats Hoffenheim: to watch goals

Munich Bavaria opens the next page of the history. On Friday the most titled team of Germany has played the first match of Bundesliga under the leadership of Nicko Kovac. Also I have won a victory, having changed on the home field Hoffenheim - <>
the Account shouldn't mislead. In quite nervous game which abounded with rigid joints and has led to Koman and Vogt's injuries, was succeeded to pull out a victory of Bavaria only shortly before a final whistle. Though the first half, apparently, didn't leave to guests of special chances: to Neuer's penalty area football players of Hoffenheim reached infrequently, shot at the goal even less often.

the Author of the first goal of a season became Thomas Mueller who has caused a stir in the middle of the first half after the draw angular.

But guests have surprised after a break, having begun to work more sharply ahead and having even evened the score. In the 58th minute Salai has beaten Boateng in the penalty area and has punched precisely far bottom corner. The goal has inspired players of Hoffenheim and, apparently, has a little unsettled Bavarians. The key moment has occurred in the 80th minute when Nordtveyt was unsuccessfully driven under Ribéry in the penalty area.

of the Penalty didn't raise doubts, but then has begun... "From a point" the goalkeeper of guests has struck aside Lewandowski's blow, Robben has finished a ball in a grid. As it has appeared (and that to be convinced of it, the arbitrator watched a video review), the Dutch has run into the penalty area ahead of time. The goal has been cancelled, but, by rules, the blow from a 11-meter mark should have been repeated. This time Lewandowski was exact, and it means that the Pole in the fourth time in a row has caused a stir in an opening match of the championship.

the arbitrator has addressed the video viewing help once again when the ball a ricochet from Mueller has flown in gate. As it has appeared, by hand the forward of Bavaria. But nevertheless it wasn't without the third goal: in the 90th minute Robben has appeared one in front of gate and powerful blow has put the end - 3:1. The championship of Germany, the 1st tour "Bavaria" - "Hoffenheim" - 3:1 (1:0)

Goals: Mueller, 23 (1:0); Sala, 58 (1:1); Lewandowski R., 82 (penalties) (2:1); Robben, 90 (3:1)

Bavaria: Neuer; Boateng; Zyule; Xavi Martinez (Goretska, 67); Alaba; Thiago Alcantara; Koman K. (Robben, 45); Kimmikh; Mueller; Ribéry (Rodriguez H., 83); Lewandowski R.

Hoffenheim: Baumann; Adams K. (Akpoguma, 67); Bichakchich; Kaderzhabek; Schultz N.; Vogt (Nordtveyt, 74); Signature stamp (Zuber, 46); Grillich; Bittenkort; Zhoelinton; Sala
of Prevention: Mueller, 45 - Adams K., 21; Bittenkort, 29; Kaderzhabek, 43; Schultz N., 45



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