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Ban of cryptocurrencies and manipulation with bitcoin: the expert has told about the future of the market

The authoritative American reporter of Wall Street Journal Paul Vinya has told what to expect to cryptocurrency
the journalist's Words with an interview cites the Mycrypter
In particular, Vinya has commented on news concerning a deviation ETF bitcoin by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

the Expert has confirmed that the regulator has bases for concern. Napimer, cryptocurrency now pravtichesk isn't controlled in comparison with the traditional financial markets.

As even in the traditional financial markets is swindlers and manipulations, at the cryptocurrency exchanges such situation is even more probable because of the low level of control. whether

"Is manipulations in the market of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Of course is. As far as they are great? We definitely don't know", - the journalist has said.

the Main problem for SEC is that they "... don't know that occurs" and therefore reluctantly "... give blessing for ETF".

"I don't think that now topical issue of the ban of cryptocurrency. This idea existed a few years ago. Now it isn't relevant", - Vinya has said the future of the market.

So, the states consider the possibility to adjust control of the cryptocurrency industry that investors felt more quietly. In the nearest future the main cryptocurrency can sharply jump up

in the price, having passed in cost for several tens of thousands of dollars. The co-founder and the former CEO of the oldest Chinese cryptoexchange BTCC Bobbie Li has reported about that.

"When in the next years bitcoin will overcome the level of $60 000, the total cost of cryptocurrency in the address will reach $1 trillion. It will become a great achievement for bitcoin and will lead to stabilization of the price, will increase the level of global liquidity and will promote faster acceptance at world level", - he has noted.




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