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Bakalov: Nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it - it is necessary to mold from what is

The head coach of Lviv Yury Bakalov commented on a draw of the team in a match with Mariupol.

In a duel of the 17th tour Lviv did not manage to keep houses a winning score in a match with Mariupol, having passed in the 80th minute of a match <(2:2).br>
Following the results of a meeting the head coach of Lviv residents Yury Bakalov was satisfied with a game of the team in the attack, however complained about gross blunders of own wards and staff shortage.

"I will not tell now who is guilty. It is necessary to sit down, to analyse".

"We were mistaken not only in a meeting ending, but also much earlier. We allowed to carry out counterattack, opened all zones. Mariupol due to the fast movement took away and hammered".

"In addition an episode we made a weight more of children's mistakes for which we could be punished earlier".

"Today we changed structure a little, houses played with the good team which shows sound combinational soccer. Therefore we decided to work more actively in the attacking phase. Scored goals - and they are not spontaneous. It were affected combinations. Players tried to look for happiness at others gate, at someone it turned out better, at someone it is worse".

"We, of course, are disappointed with result because we already lag behind the first six on a certain quantity of points. We and so won against not a lot of house therefore are upset, but that is, that is. Kind of we did not twist - nothing comes out of the sack but what was in it".

"Mariupol strengthened a game, let out high-speed football players. They have a choice of versatile players. I will not offend the wards, but we have, so to say, a poor potential. It is necessary to choose and mold from what is". "We played

in some moments not bad today, and some failed", - Bakalov summed up.

After the reporting match Lviv holds the 8th place in standings of UPL and lags behind Mariupol going the sixth on 4 points.



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