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Australia wants to lease places at the cemetery

In the Australian State of New South Wales - scandal because of desire of the power to hand over places at the cemetery for long-term rent.

Functioning of cemeteries and crematoriums in the state are regulated by the act in which have made changes recently.

of Change allow to hand over graves for long-term rent - from 25 to 99 years.

After this term expires, relatives of the dead have to prolong the lease. If it doesn't occur, the management of the cemetery will acquire the right to demolish a gravestone, and to move the remains of the dead on storage to specially created "room of bones".

the Freed site can be leased under the new place of burial.

Ambiguous innovations have caused scandal. Under pressure of critics the government I have already promised to revise contents of the act and in the nearest future to present him for public discussion.

explain the Initiative of the power with the fact that places stand on the cemetery too expensive - not all can get them.

But a possibility of rent would make graves available.

according to Paul to Tula, the minister land and forestry of New South Wales, the government perfectly understood that the subject of burial "is very sensitive", but the "updated" graves would help financing of cemeteries and also would solve a problem of shortage of the place. "Similar regulation will lead

to emergence of two classes of burials: constant graves for those whose families are able to afford to get the site, and all others - those whose relatives will be forced to see how their family is dug out from under the earth", - the oppositional politician Mick Veych says.

Now contents of amendments is analyzed by the commission created by the upper house of parliament. It is expected that she will publish the conclusion next month.



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