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August 28: what today holiday

On August 28 in Ukraine and the world celebrate several holidays. Also this day there were many important events in the history.


the Dormition of the Theotokos and Prisnodev of Maria - a holiday note orthodox Christians. This day belongs to one of 12 major holidays of orthodox church. In all Orthodox churches there take place solemn church services.

of Spozhinki - by the end of August on all Slavic earth comes to an end a harvest, cleaning and processing of a harvest of wheat, barley, a millet and other grain crops and also preparation of seeds for future season. From here and the name of a holiday - Spozhinki (dozhinka, snaps). The last sheaf is reaped silently not to disturb spirit of the field which moves in him.

the Name-day this day are celebrated by Maria, Maxim, Stepan, Nikita.

1565 - Is based THIS DAY San Agostin (Florida), the first constant settlement of Europeans in North America.

1609 - the English seafarer Henry Gudzon has discovered Delaware Bay.

1789 - William Gershel has opened the satellite of Saturn - Enceladus.

1854 - Leaves the first issue of the legendary magazine Scientific American.

1883-B of Britain have forbidden slavery.

1892 - the Ukrainian writer Iwan Franco is accused by the Austrian authorities of distribution of illegal literature.

1937 - Foundation of the automobile company Toyota. Kiev the monument to Iwan Franco is open for


1963 - Martin Luther King has delivered the well-known speech "I have a dream". Massachusetts for the first time in the history scientists synthesized

1976-B the artificial gen.
1749 - Johann Wolfgang Goethe, the German scientist and the writer (Faust, "Young Werther's sufferings", "Poetry and the truth").

1942 - Sterling Morrison, the musician of the American The Velvet Underground group.

1965 - Satosi Tadziri, the game designer, the author of the manga and an anime "Pokemon".

1969 - Jack Blek, the American actor-comedian and the musician. Two-time nominee for the award "Golden Globe" ("Jumanji: Call of the jungle", "Big year", "School of fate").

1969 - Jason Priestley, the American-Canadian actor who has become famous for impersonation of Brendon Walsh in series "Beverly Hills, 90210" and Richard Fitzpatrick's role in series "Call Me Fitz".

1973 - Irina Dvorovenko, the Ukrainian and American ballerina. Ivanna Shovkun.



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