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Attention! Dangerously! Ambrosia! How to fight and win

According to World Health Organization, the Ambrosia polynnolistny (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L., 1753), costs in the first row the most hazardous to health of the person of quarantine plant species. Its distribution in the territory of many regions is recognized as one of the most serious environmental problems.

Dnepropetrovshchina, unfortunately, is not an exception. For the last decades in our area the ambrosia captivated not only roadsides of roads, but also forest belts, kitchen gardens, fields and even streets and the yards of settlements. It is difficult to estimate damage which is caused by this aggressive plant to human health and agriculture.

the Ambrosia reduces productivity of crops
the Ambrosia polynnolistny litters crops of various crops, gardens, vineyards, personal plots, but as the photophilous look, best of all feels on grounds with the broken natural cover and on crops of propashny cultures. For formation of 1 t of solid the ambrosia exhausts from the soil 15.5 kg of nitrogen, 1.5 kg of phosphorus and 950 t of precious moisture. Therefore near it practically all cultures, especially water-loving very quickly dry up. On the fields littered with an ambrosia the quality of carrying out field works decreases, especially when harvesting and carrying out processing. Existence of an ambrosia causes considerable deterioration in fodder qualities of hay and pastures and also tastes of products of livestock production (reduces quality of milk which gets an unpleasant smell and smack).

the Ambrosia - the strongest of existing vegetable
Specialists allergists very well know what else danger is concealed by an ambrosia: it is very strong allergen. Primary signs of emergence of allergic reaction is inflammation mucous eyes and a nose, sneezing attacks appear. These signs can provoke heavier symptoms - temperature increase, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma. People chronically sick with an allergy become more and more every year. By rough estimates, every 5th adult resident of the Dnipropetrovsk region suffers from the allergy caused by this dangerous quarantine plant (the peak of incidence falls on August-September). Is ill children more and more. Treatment requires a long time and use of special medicines.

Taking into account all negative and dangerous qualities an ambrosia polynnolistny is entered in A2 list of quarantine organisms, restrictedly widespread in Ukraine.

Attention! Dangerously! Ambrosia! How to fight and win against

the Main measures for fight against an ambrosia is the following:

Organizational and measures. For prevention of delivery of an ambrosia it is necessary to carry out careful inspection of subjects to regulation (freights, materials, vehicles). Import to the territory of Ukraine of seeds of crops which zasorenoysemenam of weeds is forbidden. Terms of use of the littered food, fodder and technical products определя



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