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Atrophy of gray substance: here what happens to a brain while you look in the screen of the TV or phone

It should be known to everyone.

Many modern children suffer from an emotional overload, nervous overexcitation and inability to have a rest and reboot normally, Psychology Today writes.

Such children are impulsive, whimsical and inattentive - they observe what it is accepted to call "a syndrome of the electronic screen".

Though many parents feel urgent need to limit time which the child spends with phone in hands all of them doubt that the gadget, so desired for their child, can do much harm so strongly to him. It is a part of the modern world! the Doctor of medicine Victoria Dankli has told

how time spent in front of the screen influences a young, weak brain of the child.

1) Atrophy of gray substance.

the Set of researches show an atrophy (reduction or loss of volume of fabrics) at players and Internet and dependent in the zones filled with gray substance.

Especially it touches prefrontal cortex thanks to which we plan, we place priorities, we organize, we control the impulses, we finish the begun tasks.

Reduction of volume of gray substance is also observed in a corpus striatum. It is responsible for the system of remunerations and suppression of socially unacceptable impulses.

Special concern is caused by loss of volume of an insular share of a cerebral cortex, or an insula which is responsible for ability to empathize and feel compassion to others. The quality and depth of the interpersonal relations directly depend on these skills.

2) Uneven distribution of white substance.

At people with game dependence white substance is scattered unevenly, it leads to violation of communication in a brain: communications between various shares of one hemisphere are broken, communications between the right and left hemisphere are lost, ways between the highest (cognitive) and lowest centers are broken (are responsible for survival and involuntary self-control). It can lead to "short circuit" of nervous impulses, be expressed in an excessive rastormozhennost or, on the contrary, a pritormozhennost.

3) Violation of cognitive functions.

At Internet and dependent boys bark thinner, at the teenagers dependent on games, becomes thinner frontal bark. It at them is resulted by difficulties with performance of cognitive tasks.

At gamers begins to develop hypersensibility to remuneration and tolerance to loss, the non-standard spontaneous activity of a brain appears in case the person doesn't cope with a task.

4) Emergence of dopamine dependence.

in the course of the game occurs emission of a neurotransmitter of dopamine which is the cornerstone of any dependences. Scientists have proved that keen desire to continue a game resembles symptom of drug addiction.

According to other researches, at the children dependent on games, decreases the number of dopamine receptors and cages conveyors.

Conclusions: if the child spends too much time behind the screen, it influences



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