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"At the same time there will be still opera elements": Goran Bregovich told about the series

On December 15 in Moscow in GLAVCLUB GREEN CONCERT a concert of the favourite composer Emir Kusturica who wrote music by his "Time of Roma", "The Arizonian dream" and "Underground" and also to "Queen Margot" of Patrice Chero, to movies by Nanna Dzhordzhadze and Rada Mikhaylyana, the author of songs Iggy Pop and Cesaria Evora, a quintessence of the Balkan spirit - the musician and the philosopher Goran Bregovich will be held. We phoned on the eve of the performance and discussed Russia, Milos Bikovich, modern Hollywood cinema, series "Great", migration processes and good binge.

Is already your fifth or sixth arrival to Russia?

Ya lost count for a long time. But I try to be as often as possible at you. I perceive that I in Russia have the public as the best compliment. We are Serbians as your younger brothers who know about you everything. We know all Russian writers, composers, your history, and you, unfortunately, know very little about us. Therefore I try to each drive at least a little to tell about the Homeland, and I am glad that I manage to bring together people who will listen to it.

As in your opinion changed Russia for the last 10-15 years?

Russia - very different. I play in Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk with symphonic orchestra, and these cities remain the same as well as in books by great Russian writers, and here Moscow and St. Petersburg change every year, the fashion, a life rhythm, a talk, architecture, and frankly speaking changes, it very much is pleasant to me.

you told that at us know about cultural life of Serbia a little. Perhaps you would like to advertize some Serbian movie or the book?

Such heavy responsibility. We have a writer - Ivo Andriç. If any of his books sometime falls of you into hands - that you undoubtedly derive pleasure. It is possible to begin with its most known work "The bridge on Drin" for which it got the Nobel Prize.

Now one of the most popular with us actors - Milos Bikovich, is removed Petar Zekavitsa much. Whether know in the homeland about their achievements in Russia?

Frankly speaking, I took a break in work with cinema, and I cannot tell that I have the finger on the pulse of all processes. Of course it is pleasant to me that children have the audience, but I will hardly be able it is somehow deep to analyse. In Russia fine actor's school. Recently I watched series "Great" about Catherine II - it is very strong work and if on such background my compatriots are not lost - it yes speaks about something.

A few years ago you said that you begin work on own scenario. How does this project move ahead?

Yes, I few years worked on this project and even got support of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia, but then was distracted by work in theater, and now I think that the most correct form for my history is series, now I look for a way as it is correct to adjust it. will you tell

a couple of words about a plot?

can call the immigrant capital of Europe Manchester Today. Respectively, there the main events of mine will also be developed with



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