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At Poroshenko lost gifts from the White House - media

In Presidential Administration and in Fund presidents of Ukraine are not known where there are gifts to Petro Poroshenko from the White House.

is told About it in a special project Postreport of the program "Schemes: corruption in details".

Is noted that during the visit to the USA in September, 2014 Poroshenko received a dish from the American president Barack Obama with a personalized inscription worth $700 and also a sculpture of an eagle from stainless steel on an inauguration worth $600 - from the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden.

Is reported that of it it became known to journalists from information provided on inquiry of "Federation of the American scientists".

the Administration of the President of Ukraine in reply sent to authors of investigation the written list of the gifts received by Poroshenko on a post of the president in which above-mentioned gifts are absent.

"The conductress of Fund of presidents of Ukraine Lyudmila Galagan also reported that they have neither plate, nor a sculpture of an eagle", - it is said in the publication.

With reference to the lawyer of the Center of anti-corruption Vitaly Tsokur, in the program is noted that according to Poroshenko's procedure had to within a month from the moment of receiving gifts transfer them to Presidential Administration then they would be contributed to Fund of presidents.

is Also noted that the cumulative cost of two gifts from the White House is $1300 that it is more, than the legislation for the official in 2014 allowed and, respectively, the National anti-corruption agency had to define whether there was a violation.

Is noted that journalists sent inquiry personally addressed to the president, but the answer was not received.

Also, according to the program, on the official site of the president do not publish data on gifts to the head of state in Ukraine and also do not estimate the cost of such gifts - unlike other countries.

In particular, is reported that in June, 2017 Poroshenko presented to the prime minister of Great Britain Theresa May a necklace.

"Estimated it at 160 pounds sterling there. May got this gift for own means. The British officials should buy gifts more than 140 pounds if they want to keep them. And these data publish on the official site of the government of Great Britain", - authors of transfer told.

is Also noted that in 2014 a large number of gifts, a part of which still there found in the residence "Mezhyhirya" of the runaway ex-president Victor Yanukovych.

Among them a figurine with the inscription "From the Deputy Kivalov and the Rector of the Odessa University" and "silver set" with the inscription "souvenir from Poroshenko".




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