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At KFC restaurant there was a tunnel via which drugs were delivered

There was no sanepidemstantion on them!

in the American Southwest was difficult infrastructure on supply of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin to streets of Arizona Behind an ordinary-looking facade of restaurant of fried chicken meat, have reported the other day local authorities. there Is no

, it is not the scenario "In All Heavy".

As reports to Fox News, Iwan Lopez who was earlier operating KFC restaurant in San Luis, the State of Arizona has been arrested on August 13 when the police has stopped his car and has found in him a large supply of different drugs. Hiding places with drugs have been found by a police police dog. "Lopez had more than 118 kg of methamphetamine, more than 6 kg of cocaine, more than 3 kg of fentanyl, more than 13 kg of white heroin and more than 6 kg of brown heroin, - Scott Brown, the agent of national security has reported. - And three kilograms of fentanyl are already more than 3 million doses". Agents have spent a search at home and Lopez's restaurant in San Luis and have found out that Lopez has turned the workplace into point of drug trafficking. At the time of raid the restaurant has been already closed.

Agents have photographed on video the tunnel of 6 m in depth and 180 m in length paved with boards. The tunnel connected the thrown KFC restaurant in San Luis to a house in San Luis Rio Colorado in the Mexican state of Sonora.

the Entrance to the tunnel had only 20 cm in width. Presumably smugglers dragged through him drugs by means of ropes.

Is unknown how the tunnel was long used. Brown has told that before arrest Lopez has drawn attention of agents to those that unloaded from the closed restaurant boxes for tools.

Agents of Department of national security and the border service conduct investigation of this incident.

A you thought, it only at cinema happens?

Nikita Skorobogatov.




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