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At Groysman want to legalize Homutynnik and Yatsenko's scheme on collecting payments for property assessment

According to the project of changes in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 358, orders of the State property fund (FGI) thanks to which the payment for assessment of property is collected by the private firms connected with People's Deputies from the Vidrodzhennya group - Vitaly Homutynnik and Anton Yatsenko will be legalized. It follows from the project of changes to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 358 which was at disposal the Business Censor.

the Project is dispatched in the central authorities for coordination.

the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 358 "About evaluating for the taxation, charge and payment of other obligatory payments which are raised according to the legislation" establishes an order of entering of sheets into the Uniform database of reports on assessment (EBD).

Introduction of sheets about property assessment in EBD is an indispensable condition of the conclusion of transactions in the sphere of the real estate, operations with the earth, etc. of

According to the government resolution, such reports have to be introduced in EBD without hindrances and is free. The EBD administrator is the State property fund which is headed now by Vitaly Trubarov who is appointed to this position on a quota of the cochairman of the Vidrodzhennya group in the Verkhovna Rada Vitaly Homutynnik.

According to the project of changes in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, now "information is formed and brought in EBD through the authorized electronic platforms as maintaining EBD which is approved by the State property fund".

Thus, changes in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers will allow to legalize the scheme FGI пос to a pine forest of means the private company.

As was reported earlier the editor-in-chief of Цензор.НЕТ Yury Butusov, FGI the order has created on July 18 the exclusive scheme thanks to which the private companies will be able to collect 600-800 million UAH a year from appraisers of property, notaries and their clients for the benefit of the private company from Donetsk region.

According to the solution of FGI, entering of data into EBD is made through the Assessment service online.

"It is created by small Donetsk private enterprise "Vee Ai Pi Department" with an authorized capital of 4000 hryvnias. A certain native of Donetsk Sergej Chmara heads it. This enterprise wasn't engaged in any ayti-development, it is obvious laying, for cover of the real beneficiaries", - Butusov writes.

According to his information, beneficiaries of the scheme are Anton Yatsenko and Vitaly Homutynnik.



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