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At each person is? birth figure?. Here what is meant by yours!

Numerology for teapots.

Each person since the birth is allocated with certain talents and abilities. To live full-fledged happy life, it is desirable to know the strengths. And the numerology helps us to learn with what qualities the nature has allocated us.

of tells how to calculate figure of the birth. If you were born

the 7th (all the same what month), then your figure - 7. And if the 17th, then it is necessary to lead two-digit number to unambiguous: 17 = 1 7 = 8. That is in that case your figure - now read <>
A that your figure means:

the Most important quality of unit is independence of thinking. For you there is no "an authoritative opinion", and you will never take others experience as a basis for conclusions. If you know something for certain, then your conclusions in each case is a result of personal practice.

Exactly from here your originality, courage, resourcefulness and also - ability to convince and operate people. Figure 1 in numerology means self-confidence, in correctness of the judgments, unshakable determination. And categoriality and hardness - the most attractive qualities of the leader.

Value of number 2 completely coincides with the initial list of universal advantages. It is decency, peacefulness, generosity, correctness and tactfulness based on an intuition, insight and understanding of a human soul.

Add romanticism, artistry of nature and exclusive sense of beauty here, and the original masterpiece will turn out! It is necessary only to regret that people in whose character merits have completely forced out all negative don't exist.

the Principal value of number 3 - cheerfulness and all-conquering optimism. You it is almost impossible to force to doubt himself and importance of the role played by you. Small troubles it isn't counted. you are sure by

that "in the last act" everything will fall into place, and "final" will be just enchanting. Such carefree attitude towards reality is caused by your expressivity and virtuosity. Practical manuals and remarks like "so it is impossible to live" cause in you sincere bewilderment: "And what else it is possible to call life?".

of Quality of the four could call purely men's if thousands of women didn't possess them. It is the high level of endurance, exclusive working capacity, methodicalness, adherence to principles and coolness. You are firm in the beliefs from which main thing is in what nothing in this world is given by gift and any award has to be deserved.

For this reason people, similar to you, become a basis of any society. They know what needs to be done, and can carry out it in practice. In your external manifestations there is nothing heroic, but all your life - a feat. As a result, the few admire you, but respect everything!

Strengths of character of the five is a high level of social survivability, sociability, resourcefulness and love to all unusual. Wa




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