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At a forum "Army-2018" "Russian heroes" and "Martins" have shown aerobatics

In penultimate day of an exhibition on the Alabino ground pilots from Russia and China have shown the skill. Today at a forum "Army-2018" "Russian heroes" and "Martins" have shown to

aerobatics. The group of 6 planes has executed "barrel", "arrow" and "Nesterov's loop".

passes the Military and technical forum in the Cuban from August 21 to August 26. On him the samples of modern and perspective arms and special equipment created by scientists on the basis of the latest technologies and materials are presented. Participants could see in business the most mobile and protected RSZO heavy system - 1A "Blaze of the sun" on caterpillar to the course,

self-propelled ZRPK of sea and land basing "Pantsir-C1",

the fighting Mi-28H helicopter "Night hunter". Athletes-parachutists have conducted by

landing from the Mi-8AMTSh helicopter.

Persons interested have had an opportunity to take a selfie for memory with robots, to try as the pilot on the aviaexercise machine and even to direct the fighting ship.



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