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At a concert "Shaw's Diesel" Zaporozhetses laughed and cried - a photo

In Zaporizhia with the notice there took place two concerts "Shaw's Diesel "

the Concert "Diesels" are returned!" took place within the All-Ukrainian tour. Humorists in all cities attract capacity crowd. A tour in Zhytomyr - in the homeland of the queen of humour Marina Poplavskaya will come to the end on March 7. Industrialka reported that a concert "Shaw's Diesel" within the autumn tour was postponed because of the tragic death of the actress of a show Marina Poplavskaya. Actors could find forces and step on the stage with new numbers and jokes.

In the program of a concert were not only traditional comic sketches, but also an amusing interactive with the audience during which the hall laughed loudly not less than from jokes of "diesels", and the performance in memory of irreplaceable Marina came to the end with the touching song.

Beat the law "about consent to sex", turns in drugstores, holiday romances and also concerned a hot topic from the reunion series.

As was told in an interview to Industrialki by Victoria Bulitko, in this concert tour for the first time in structure "Shaw's Diesel" Evgeny Nikishin and Sergey Pisarenko acted. The audience met actors by a storm of applause. Many remember these humorists from team of KVN "District city" for their hilarious jokes.

of Special attention deserves a vocal performance of Victoria Bulitko with Sergey Pisarenko. In the song each of them tried to tell "the truth" about the relations of the man and woman.

One of the most high points of a show is the invitation of the audience to a scene for participation in a comic competition. Six people who the first left the hall participated in a sketch. It was necessary to provide sound maintenance of story which was invented on the run by Evgeny Smorygin. It was necessary to react quickly and witty. It turned out not at all, but was ridiculous. Part in a competition was taken also by the manager of social networks of Industrialki Anna Kovalyova. Unfortunately, did not win a prize, but managed to take a selfie!

Came to the end a concert on a touching note which sense that it is very important to appreciate people close to us.

In the final "diesels" sang the Taka, Yak Ti song. On the screen showed photos with Marina Poplavskaya. Not only actors, but the audience could not hold back tears.

the Final applause sounded in memory of Marina Poplavskaya.

of the Photo of Alexander Prilepy of



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