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Astronomers have learned with what speed matter falls on a black hole

Matter which is absorbed by black holes moves towards the horizon of events of all three times more slowly, than light particles that has indicated the unusual "chaotic" nature of their environment. The scientists who have published results of the observations in the MNRAS magazine have come to such conclusion.

"Lives in the center of the galaxy which we watched very bright black hole weighing 40 million Sun which isn't suffering from a lack of food. We managed to track how she has begun to eat matter lump of the size of Earth", - Ken Pounds from the Leicester university tells (Great Britain). Space "vacuum cleaner" Usual and supermassive black holes have so strong inclination that it can't be overcome, without having exceeded velocity of light. No objects or radiation can escape from abroad influences of a black hole which has received the name "horizon of events". on the other hand as marks out Pounds, nothing prevents scientists to watch

what happens to matter coming to the horizon of events. Studying of her behavior can shed light on the mysteries of the internal device of black holes and also check of whether correctly scientists understand the nature of border between singularity and the "normal" Universe today.

to Paunds and his colleagues was succeeded to receive the first data such, pointed to an unusual manner of "lunch" of supermassive black holes. They watched the galaxy of PG1211 143 located in the constellation of Hair of Veronika at distance approximately in one billion light years from Earth, using orbital x-ray observatory XMM-Newton.

four years ago Pounds and his team have noticed that emissions of PG1211 143 looked extremely unusually - they have been split on several different parts, sent to the casual parties, but haven't been collected in a uniform narrow bunch-dzhet as it is predicted by the theory. Trying to understand

whether it is valid and as such emissions can be formed, astronomers have tried to track what occurs before the black hole tries "to eat" and spit out this matter.

for this purpose scientists long time watched how the range of a black hole and what "failures" in him changed arose. It has allowed them to find traces of the dense cloud of matter which has got in the neighborhood of the horizon of events in the first of July, 2014. Einstein Nablyudaya's hoops behind this object, scientists have found out that he has dispersed to ultrahigh values, about 30% of velocity of light, how this congestion of gas and dust "has dived" for the horizon of events. So high speed of the movement of "lunch" of a black hole has strongly surprised with

scientists - computer models and last observations showed that matter can't quicker move, than 10% of velocity of light to the last moments of her existence.

This restriction is connected with the fact that a black hole surrounds an accretion disk - the flat "bagel" from gas and dust warmed up to the ultrahigh temperatures, "twisting" all falling matter in a spiral. Paunds's opening and ег



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