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Asians and musclemen: myths about the men's advantage about which it is possible to forget

On the size of a genital staff so many any tales are thought up. Here 5 most known.

At bodybuilders a small penis
this Myth has arisen for the reason that some of body builders use chemistry, anabolic steroids which influence hormonal system and consequently, according to many, and on the size of the member. From beer the stomach and a breast grows - there too hormones, so why from steroids to the member not to decrease? This delusion: if you one of those who accepts steroids then can be quiet about the sizes. And here with a potentiality of a problem can arise so well think whether it is necessary to you.

At Asians a small penis, and at the black - huge

This myth is cultivated for centuries, and especially he became popular when there was the Japanese pornography where the men had extremely modest sizes of genital body. In fact because of progress in the field of medicine and improvement of food and the standard of living the average size of the member is gradually leveled, as well as average height. And now Asians are not those people with growth 150 centimeters hundred years ago, and tall and stately men with members it isn't less at all, than at Europeans. As for the black, mostly they have approximately the same average size of the member, as at Europeans.

Masturbation influences the size of the member

One consider that masturbation in youth leads to the fact that the member doesn't develop normally and remains at the level of the eight-year-old boy. They reason it with the fact that the organism splashes out hormones and doesn't develop fully. Those from us who has opened a great sacrament of a masturbation at rather early age know from the experience that it is nonsense.

can determine the Size of the member by length of a nose, fingers or a foot
Numerous researches of authoritative scientists have proved that the correlation between the size of a nose, with a size doesn't have a palm, a foot (and anything) the member. So take your time to draw conclusions if someone from your acquaintances wears size shoes 46.

Is wonderful substances for increase in the member
the myth that some ancient Chinese / Indian / reptiloidny scientists have created miracle ointment from mix of a bird's dung, a ginseng, tears of the mermaid and several the substances which aren't discovered by science in any any order by means of which your petard turns in 5 days in "Topol-M" and is capable to reconcile the power for ever Palestine and Israel is Quite distributed. And so, no magic means increasing the size of the member exist.



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