Date: 5 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

Asbis-Ukraine expands a portfolio of products and decisions from Samsung

One of the largest IT distributors in Ukraine, the ASBIS-Ukraine company, expands a line of the delivered products and decisions from the known Korean brand of Samsung.

ASBIS-Ukraine was focused Earlier on deliveries of different types of memory of Samsung for data storage. Thanks to cooperation deepening, in September the product range was complemented by the following products:

the display smart solutions allowing to create intuitively attractive demonstration content and to operate him (it is relevant for hotels, shopping centers, banks, hotels, training centers, dispatching offices);

flat curved business monitors of various technical characteristics and the sizes (promote comfortable work for a long time since reduce fatigue of eyes);

the electronic flipcharta helping to transform any space to meeting room (it is optimum for team work, allow to do notes, to share them, to keep for future working off).

ASBIS-Ukraine closely cooperates with the Samsung company since 2016. During this time partners have managed to estimate reliability and high professionalism of team and also coordination of work of logistic services.

"Expansion distributiruyemy us lines of Samsung - a natural step ASBIS-Ukraine. Development of a portfolio of solutions smarts is important for our company, they do daily use of hi-tech products more comfortable and attractive, - the head of department of design distribution ASBIS-Ukraine Oleg Melnik says. - We actively deliver several years multiborda in schools of Ukraine, we offer "clever" displays to a retail. We are glad that now we will be able to provide to consumers innovative and reliable solutions of Samsung. What else will be adequately estimated by our consumers, so it is complexity of the delivered decisions including various commodity categories and focal support of B2B of projects".



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