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As will reconsider pensions of Ukrainians next year

In Ukraine next year will spend for payment of pensions from the budget record 167.5 billion UAH. And it without own revenues of the Pension fund at the expense of contributions from salaries. So, in 2019 will index a living wage twice, will carry out recalculation of all payments for a formula and will raise pensions to military. Besides, the Ministry of social policy suggests to cancel the amount of the maximum payment. As a result certain Ukrainians will be able to receive payments of more than 150 thousand UAH of OBOZREVATEL understood as will reconsider pensions of Ukrainians next year.

Whose pension can reach 170 thousand UAH

the Ministry of social policy suggested to remove the maximum restriction of ERU and at the same time to release the amount of pensions. At the same time, for an example, from official salary in 1 million UAH at the moment the ERU size is 12.2 thousand UAH. And pension which it is possible to receive at a long standing with such salary - to 14.9 thousand UAH

If supports the Mingcuoca project the Verkhovna Rada, uniform соцвзнос from million salary will be 157.9 thousand UAH, and the amount of pension can reach already about 150 thousand UAH

"It is really adequate response to lifting of restriction of base of charge of ERU. If we do all salary by base of charge for payment of a uniform social contribution, then, respectively, and pension also has to be added on all contribution", - the minister of social policy Andrey Reva said.

of Restriction want to cancel: to whom in Ukraine will raise pension
It is an innovation will concern only those who will come for deserved rest under the general law. Judges, officials, etc. as well as will receive now pension which amount cannot be higher than 10 minimum pensions. At the same time Ukrainians with official high salaries which receive payments under the general law will be able to count on payments tens times higher than operating. At the moment 134 Ukrainians receive

officially from 1 million UAH. Among them, for example, and the head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobolev. With salary in 1 million UAH at an experience in 30 years if to come for deserved rest by new rules this year, it would be possible to count on pension of 178 thousand UAH, and at an experience in 25 years - 157 thousand UAH

As will carry out indexation and what will wait in 2019th

of Pension of Ukrainians next year for to raise to three stages. The first - in January. Then the Ukrainian military will count payments for new rules. They will increase approximately by 25%. So, military and police officers provided that they have the minimum necessary experience of service have the right for special conditions of an exit.

services, Military for 20 years, receive pension of 50% of salary (for each next year plus 3%), and police - 55% of salary. Considering, as the military, and the police officer for the last few years considerably increased salaries, the Cabinet made the decision to count pensions. By the way, the pensioner is more senior, the his salary became outdated more and the increase will be higher.

the Following stage of revision - since March. To all Ukrainians will count in



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