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As the SSU "manages" in the Crimea: traitors aren't saved even by shoulder straps of FSB. PHOTO, VIDEO

After the Russian annexation of the Crimea the Security Service of Ukraine has lost 90% of the structure on the peninsula. Most of them in 2014 of a pereprisyagnula of Russia and today serve in ranks of FSB, executing repressions against Crimeans. whether

are Remembered by them service in the ranks of the SSU three years later, it is unknown. And here their former colleagues who have left the Crimea after the Russian annexation of the ex-colleagues haven't forgotten: periodically send them reminders on themselves and "congratulations" on a professional holiday.

this year in Day of the SSU, on March 25, on air of the first Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR left the half-hour documentary "Signal Chief" in which it is told about methods of recruitment of Crimeans by the Russian intelligence agencies. In the movie the symbolics of counterintelligence of the SSU and an interview with her employees is used.

the Owner of TV channel Lenur Islyamov has reported that the film is shot together with this department. Therefore it can be considered one of annual "congratulations" for the former Crimean staff of the SSU who has resworn to Russia. In three years Crimeans from the Ukrainian intelligence agencies have managed to remind of themselves in the Crimea in all available ways: through external advertizing, in local newspapers, on radio, on the Internet, and now - and on television. Doesn't do also without "black humour". "We are glad to

that on March 25 not your holiday"

First "congratulation" from the SSU on a professional holiday has appeared in the Crimea on March 25, 2015 - in a year after the Russian annexation. It is addressed to the former head of the Crimean central board of the SSU Pyotr Zima who in the spring of 2014 one of the first began to cooperate with FSB, helping to occupy the peninsula. "Congratulation" has been placed on a billboard opposite to Zima's house in Sevastopol and represented an inscription on a white background: "Pyotr Anatolyevich! We congratulate you and congratulations! we Remember your team you and we look forward to a meeting! On March 25, 2015". That it is about Zima specifies existence on a billboard of the coat of arms of the Ukrainian counterintelligence.

"Congratulation" from the SSU in Sevastopol, March, 2015
the Former adviser to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (appointed later the Euromaidan) Markiyan Lubkivsky then has confirmed that the staff of counterintelligence is related to emergence of a billboard. "The counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine wouldn't be counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine if in such original way "I haven't congratulated" traitors of the SSU in the Ukrainian Crimea. The traitor of Ukraine Pyotr Zima could see billboards with the DKR SSU logo (an eagle who strong holds claws a two-headed snake with crowns on the heads) even from the windows", - he has written on the page on Facebook.

Pyotr Zima is mentioned in one "congratulation" on Lubkivsky's page - for the former head of the SSU of times of the runaway president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych of Alexander Yakimenko and the ex-chief of the Crimean central board of the SSU Vladimir Totsky. "We are glad that on March 25 not yours but only our professional holiday! Your holiday on March 16 - day of the traitor (on March 16, 2014 in the Crimea there has taken place "referendum" on the status of the Crimea - KR). We feel дро



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