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As the conditioner forces you to hurt also that with it to do

Many of us carry out the most part of day in the conditioned rooms or working rooms. Often your conditioner can become responsible for a disease. Here is how to learn also what with it to do.

As the conditioner forces you to hurt and that with it to do

1. You feel weakness and fatigue
you can feel
at the end of the day at office in general weak and exhausted. It can sometimes be followed by a headache. It is connected with the phenomenon known as "a syndrome of the sick building". He is caused by the fact that temperature of air conditioning is maintained at inconveniently low temperatures. You can fight against it, regularly doing breaks and to go outside during these breaks.

2. You develop respiratory problems
If you have no cleaned conditioner, bacteria and mushrooms can grow on filters, some are harmful to people. Many of these microbes, especially those which come from a black mold (disputes) are transferred in air, and they easily get into lungs. In extreme cases they can cause respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis which can lead to pneumonia. That to avoid it, clean the conditioner at least once a year. Also be convinced that filters are cleaned at least once in several months.

3. Your nose regularly bleeds

Conditioners without function of moistening can give very dry air that leads to frequent bleedings in a nose. It is aggravated during hot weather when skin in a nasal cavity tends to be dry. Means for this purpose is consideration of a question of use of the combined block of a conditioner / humidifier. If isn't present, you can also buy a separate humidifier or add several drops of salty nasal drops when you feel dryness in a nasal cavity.

4. Pains in muscles and joints
One more state connected with the conditioner are muscle and joints pains. If you test the aggravated rheumatism, arthritis or chronic joint pain without the visible reasons, the conditioner in your house or office can be the cause. Possibly, temperature of the conditioner is established too low, try to increase it.

5. You are ill when someone at office gets sick with

as a result of a constant dead air of circulation within the building any viruses, the mold, dust or the pet brought by inhabitants of the building, as a rule, extend to different people. In some buildings there is built-in "leak" therefore a small amount of external air regularly gets to the conditioned space. One of means of prevention of they are to open windows at least once a day to let in fresh air.

generally, to you it isn't necessary to turn on the conditioner 24 hours a day. When nights cool or in winter months, you can try to do without conditioner, having left windows opened to provide circulation of fresh, cool and healthy air.



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