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As posts in social networks can prevent to obtain the credit

As posts in social networks can prevent to obtain the credit
Banks, insurance companies and sellers of the equipment use so-called scoring on social networks for a long time to make the decision on approval of the credit to the person or on implementation for him other operations. People just check. Thus creditors or insurers understand that you didn't lie about work, income and marital status.

of The Daily Mail has written the whole article about methods of work of the western financiers. has become interested in them as the Ukrainian banks often borrow experience of foreign colleagues and quicker and quicker introduce their technologies. it is noted by her

B that if the person agrees to that financial establishment has analysed his activity in social networks, the special companies, for example FriendlyScore and Hello Soda will collect all information for similar institutions. The executive director of FriendlyScore Labna Bazin says that the analysis is carried out by means of cars, any person won't see, than you share in network. At the same time representatives of financial community already expressed discontent concerning violation of privacy.

to Agree to that the bank "proskorit" your profiles on the Internet, you can by setting up the account or having loaded a special application. Process of scoring is used in order that financial institutions understood whether you will be able to pay the credit in time.

What can be seen?

For example on Twitter will look at the robot on the one whom you follow also on what you share to understand your interests. In Gmail will track what letters you receive from online stores to understand how you spend the money. "пинкертон" will check for LinkedIn whether you told the truth concerning history of the employment and qualification. By means of a mobile application the bank or insurance will get access to places which you visit, where do you live and where you work. Also the application will get access to contacts in your phone and advises to store data on solvent friends and family on your phone.

Such way of determination of financial solvency isn't always correct: the application for the credit can be rejected unfairly only on the basis of what show you love or you buy food or things in a certain supermarket, respectively, the same model works also in an opposite direction.

What to do to be protected from a scoring trend through social networks? Be convinced by

that what you spoke on the Internet about, doesn't contradict that you have specified in the credit or insurance application. Well think before giving access to the social networks.

you Watch the websites which use your Facebook, Twitter or other accounts for an entrance.

you can give them access to all types of the personal data and contacts which are stored in these accounts.

Adjust Facebook so that only friends could see your publications. you don't store

in the list of contacts of people which had problems with payment of the credits.



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