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As plundered billions of Evrogazbank

Evrogazbank history - a striking example of work in Ukraine of pocket bank for service of financial flows of the owner.

When in 2006 bank was created, the director of the Moscow branch NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy Valery Razdorozhny was its main shareholder. In 2008 Evrogazbank carried over Alexey Ivchenko influential at that time, the former head of board of Naftogaz (2005-2006) and also the godfather and the friend of the third president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko.

Bank was used by Ivchenko for crediting of the related companies. According to Fund of guaranteeing deposits (FGVFL), nearly 92% of the corporate loan portfolio were built by the principle of a financial pyramid.

Bank worked according to the standard scheme: the new credits were issued to the related companies for payment of percent on earlier obtained loans. From the beginning of crisis of 2014, such model resulted in insolvency of Evrogazbank.

was entered on July 17, 2014 into bank temporary administration, and 4 months later it sent for elimination. What remained from Evrogazbank? At the time of bankruptcy Evrogazbank was an average by the sizes, taking the 53rd place on assets. A portfolio of means of natural persons in bank - 1,7 billion UAH (in currency - 49%). But 1,2 billion UAH were subject to payment to investors within 200 thousand UAH. In such sum, at least, bankruptcy of financial institution cost the state.

the General requirements of creditors of Evrogazbank are estimated by Fund at 2,18 billion UAH

the Problem of bank that in it "live" assets were three times less, than balance. The inventory which is carried out by Fund of guaranteeing showed: assets "on paper" made 4,37 billion UAH whereas upon their only 1,69 billion UAH. That is, the market value of assets of bank - 39% from balance.

That as a result? Evrogazbank debts to the population and the enterprises - 2,1 billion UAH. "Live" assets - only for 1,7 billion UAH. Even if the Fund will sell these assets for 100% of the price - and it does not happen at least because at the moment it was succeeded to gain from sale only 33 million UAH, then losses from bankruptcy of bank will make about 400 million UAH. And it, not to mention payments of the state for 1,2 billion UAH. How did the bank become insolvent Why live assets in bank it appeared so a little? In structure of assets of Evrogazbank the loan portfolio makes 82,4% or 3,6 billion UAH. But independent subjects of estimated activity estimated it at 1,7 billion UAH

the Director Fonda of guaranteeing Konstantin Vorushilin claims that a part of assets of Evrogazbank out of bank was brought by its owner.

"The owner of Evrogazbank Alexey Ivchenko "laid down" the bank according to plan - began to split up absolutely lawfully deposits, povyvodit assets. There was enough conscience only to leave assets which were in pledge of National bank", - Vorushilin said.

without going into history details with crushing of deposits which is observed almost in everyone gone bankrupt bank, we will tell about other loudest cases connected with loss the act



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