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As it is impossible to have tea: 10 important tea bans

Tea is very useful to a human body. However this drink has also harmful qualities which are shown if it is wrong to approach the culture of its use. China is famous for the tea culture. Here for a long time developed the relation to its harmful parties, having formulated "Ten tea bans". Let's look one after another.

First: tea on a hungry stomach
If to have strong brewing tea next the heart, then, according to Chinese, the cold nature of drink gets inside better. At the same time allegedly can be cooled a stomach with a spleen. China says that it as "penetration into the house of a wolf". Therefore Chinese recommended not to take this drink for a long time "on empty heart".

Second: tea burning

When tea is too heated, it causes irritation:

of a throat;

of a gullet;

of a stomach.

If too long to drink it excessively hot can get pathologies in the specified bodies. As showed researches from leading experts, regular consumption of drink with a temperature exceeding 62 degrees Celsius leads to growth of vulnerability of gastric walls. Result - a set of various unpleasant symptoms. Have tea not more hotly than 56 degrees!

Third: tea cold

Being we heat or even just warm, this drink invigorates, clears up sight and consciousness. From cold tea some troubles - cold stands, the phlegm accumulates.

Fourth: excessive fortress
contains In strong drink too much tannin and caffeine. The excess of these substances can cause insomnia and a headache.

Fifth: to make too long

in case of excessively long tea leaves the essential oils and polyphenols which are contained in drink are oxidized spontaneously. As a result drink not just loses transparency, aroma and taste. Also seriously its nutritional value decreases. Also many useful substances are oxidized, like amino acids or
vitamins P and Page
So far tea infuses, it is influenced by the environment. At long languor in heat microorganisms - fungi with bacteria actively breed.

Sixth: a repeated zavarivaniye
Tea leaves lose practically everything after three - four procedures of tea leaves. From the first from them about a half of useful substances is extended. On the second time - about a third more, on the third - only ten percent. For the fourth time it is added from 1 to 3 percent.

With the subsequent attempts of tea leaves of tea can get to drink and harmful components. They in tea leaves are not enough and in infusion they get just to the last turn.

Seventh: to have tea before meal
If before meal to drink too much tea, saliva is diluted. As a result of a dish seem absolutely tasteless. Moreover, sometimes in such cases assimilation by protein digestive organs decreases. In other words, it is desirable to have tea at least approximately for half an hour to food.

Eighth: to drink tea after meal



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