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As in Dnieper contain fountains

As in Dnieper contain fountains
Every day 12 city fountains give to inhabitants and guests of Dnieper joy and a cool.

found out the City website how they work in how many city treasury this pleasure manages as there is a cleaning and protection of these hydraulic engineering constructions.

Serves city RC fountains "Administrative architectural and construction management" of the City Council of Dnieper. Under his supervision - fountains "Arch of Lovers" on Solar (only on a left bank of the city!), "Sphere" and "Geyser" on the Embankment, "A white swan" in the water area of Dnieper River, "Muse" near opera, "Threshold the Revuchy" on the Monastery island, "Cascade" on the observation platform of the park of Shevchenko, "Lily" in the square of Heroes near Dneproga, "The fountain of lovers" on Stolyarov St. And also three fountains which don't have own names - near Shevchenko's theater, the City Council and on Starokazatskaya St., <>
Three of these fountains use the water pumped directly from Dnieper River - "An arch of lovers", "Sphere" and "Geyser". They are stopped on preventive cleaning twice a month. In the others water is pumped from a technical water supply system and as it is purer river, they are cleaned once a month.

At the fountain on Starokazatskaya St., the 58th author of lines has also visited today personally to see how serve these constructions.

Since the morning have switched-off the fountain, and already soon workers have started his cleaning.

- for this purpose from a bowl of the fountain merges water, - Alexey Prokhorov has told about the course of such works of the acting chief of RC "Administrative architectural and construction management" of Dnieper. - Then completely the bowl of the fountain and it приямок is cleaned from slime and greens. In parallel wash boards of a construction and the territory adjoining to him.

I if cleaning of the fountain is carried out monthly, then protection of everyone - round the clock. They are protected under the contract with the City Council by private state of emergency. In the last two years there were several attempts to steal decorative elements and iron designs of several fountains. But these attempts have been stopped...

In how many citizens costs such gushing pleasure? - Monthly - in 800 thousand hryvnias, - Alexey Prokhorov specifies. - These means cover expenses on the electric power, water and the salary of drivers and cleaners. There are fountains not really expensive in operation. For example, this, on Starokazatskaya St. - at him is not the really powerful motor with power consumption of 11 kilowatts an hour. And here at "Muse" and "A white swan" - the most powerful motors and, respectively, they are much more expensive in operation. Fountains from 8 in the morning to 20 of o'clock in the evening work. Many citizens ask to prolong operation of fountains till 22 o'clock. Housing and communal services are also glad it to make, but everything depends on the allocated funds. So far financing is enough only for the mentioned mode.

the Season of work of the streaming joy precisely will proceed until the end of October - will look further on weather.

Author: Konstantin Shrub



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