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As in 70 days to go round around Earth on Land Rover Discovery

The British celebrate the 70 anniversary from the date of the basis of the Land Rover brand in a big way: in honor of anniversary the company has organized neither more nor less a round-the-world expedition which that is symbolical, has finished a whole revolution around the Globe in only 70 days. The brave team traveled on the Discovery crossovers.

the Land Rover Company very much likes to travel, getting acquainted with the most distant corners of the planet, conquering deserts and plateaux. And this time the brand didn't begin to change itself. The large-scale project has received the name "Round the World in 70 Days with Land Rover".

Strangely enough, but "circumnavigations" have rules which need to be observed: the first and the main from them - the expedition has to pass through two antipodes, that is through two points located precisely on the opposite sides of Earth. The trip on June 7 from the Moscow region center Jaguar Land Rover Experience, here on August 15 started and finished. By the way, this second main rule of a trip round the world - to begin and finish a campaign in the same place. Conditions are satisfied - "circumnavigation" has taken place.

A now one after another. For the first week of a wandering about 5000 km, that is about 1/10 part of all route have been overcome: the column from Discovery of the fifth generation has reached from Moscow Irkutsk and has turned aside Mongolia. Plus of 1200 more km and "easy riders" have driven to China. There the important milestone, the first antipode located in 2840 km from the Mongolian border near the city of Enshi has been passed. He has been noted by a flag. Further from Celestial Empire the team has passed

through Laos, Thailand and Malaysia, having done during this time more than 8000 km. For the 36th day the expedition has reached Singapore.

our heroes was waited Then by Australia which is densely inhabited by a kangaroo, ostriches and koalas. There our pathfinders have visited the cities of Brisbane, port Makkuori, Sydney and Canberra - the capital of the Australian Union, and at the same time and the administrative center where generally lives and works only the government of the country.

After 13-hour flight travelers have landed in Chile. Here the second major point antipode located near the city of La-Serena has been passed. All way to this place has taken 47 days.

Then team had to endure one more long flight which has already begun not to alienate travelers from Moscow, and, on the contrary, to bring closer. The group has spent the next 16 days on the American continents, having passed 8284 km. Further, having overcome Africa, krugosvetchik were in the home stretch and have returned to Europe.

directed the Expedition the amateur photographer and the traveler Sergey Dolya.



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