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As "climax" at men begins and as to delay it

At the word "climax" the image of the woman aged pro always emerges. Actually the hormonal pause comes also at each man. When? The answer to this question depends on what life is led by the man. Whether it means that the climax can be delayed? Yes!

As - we dealt with Igor Chernokulsky, the urologist-andrologist, the sexopathologist, reproduktology, the member of the European association of urologists, the member of the Ukrainian association of andrology and sexual medicine.

in general provokers of decrease in level of testosterone - three: high level of adrenaline, metabolic disorder and functions of vascular system.

At stresses "you watch" film about yourself of

When you are ready to begin to boil or sour, in an organism adrenaline level - the enemy of testosterone increases. And if you have dared to throw lightnings and to be depressed, then the amount of hormone of a stress just reads off scale. Therefore always you look at troubles as if on a personnel of some cinema. The dispassionateness helps to keep nerves: it will be easier for you to find a constructive solution, but at least you feel meanness of the events in revolution scales, and the storm in soul will decrease, and even will settle.

Alcohol if to abuse him, overexcites nervous system that too leads to increase in level of adrenaline. Besides, work of a hypophysis is broken - this part of a brain regulates testosterone synthesis.

to Avoid regular sleep debts
First, sleep debts increase too the level of adrenaline which reduces testosterone level. Secondly, at sleep deficit the amount of Prolactinum, the antagonist of men's hormone grows in an organism of the man. Thirdly, synthesizing of a somatotropin - the hormone anticipating obesity decreases. And as from subcutaneous fat the organism synthesizes women's hormone estrogen, gormonalno the fatty will resemble the woman over time.

At least margarine, sugar and
leads Regular consumption of factory pastries and bakery products and also refined sunflower oil to increase in subcutaneous fat (about his role it is already told above). The matter is that from margarine which is used for preparation of the specified products, and the refined oil hydrogen is removed. Thus, it is artificially created molecule, and therefore it isn't digested an organism, and sooner or later can lead to metabolism violation. Plus these products contain sugar: he forces a pancreas to develop high doses of insulin. And if it occurs several times a day and daily, metabolism can be also broken.

Besides, leads abuse of sugar to inflammation in vessels because of what blood supply of fabrics, in particular the testicles producing testosterone worsens.

the Condition of vessels worsen also refractory fats in pork and also glutamates - they are first of all in sweet sparkling water, snacks and fast food.

Vascular system suffers also from smoking of cigarettes - only during one inhaling in организ



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