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As Arnold became Arnold: A legendary interview, in which all frankly

As Arnold became Arnold: A legendary interview, in which all frankly
About women, the politician and sport.

of Men's Health publishes a big interview with the legendary 71-year-old body builder, the actor and the politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. We chose from it the most interesting places.

About body building and an orgasm. do you still do to

a heavy squat and dead draft for which once became famous? there Is no

, it suits only for competitions. And bothered to compete to me in the 1975th [after Arnold won 6 years in a row the title "Mr. Olympia"] and it is final - in the 1980th [when it won again]. After that I in general refused powerlifting.

In the documentary "Pumping Iron" you compared it to an orgasm.

[A long pause] should tell In those days similar things that paid to you attention. Today in it there is no need any more.

About steroids.

you mentioned that it is impossible to compare steroids which you accepted in the seventieth, and present doses - you accepted 15 mg, and now musclemen accept 1000 mg. But if you then knew about danger of steroids, you would begin to accept them? there is no

Of course. I never hid that I used medicines at competitions, but at that time it was not forbidden, and I was under the supervision of the doctor. Those who did not do it just took off from tournaments. But we tried to limit the use few months before a competition not to sit down.

As you think why people still accept steroids?

People always want to achieve something with a minimum of efforts. Such is human nature. It is possible to write, perhaps, the whole book how we try to expand the opportunities in the artificial ways.

About army and immigration.

As you think, the fact that you were an immigrant, promoted your diligence?

What is necessary thinking to leave a home? To leave parents, friends, the native land and to start from scratch?

rigidly brought up Me. The father forced me to be wrung out and squat to receive a breakfast. And still to drag water from a well for 200 meters on snow.

Therefore I was very strong-willed guy - everything or nothing. I had no backup plan.

When you were 18 years old, you went to serve in the Austrian army, and then went to absence without leave to go to Germany and to win the title "Mr. Europe" for juniors. But then you returned, and put you in prison, so? Prison it to call difficult

. I spent there one night that it was possible to tell: "We punished him". But generally they were proud of me. And then I returned to tank school.

you were a good tankman?

Ya was an excellent tankman. There the main thing not to be a coward. The commander orders to go directly, and before you the frozen lake, and you speak to yourself: "Cannot be".

But I went directly without excess questions. Naturally, the tank failed under ice. They you so check it. Whether will have at you the heart?

In a cabin rushed ice water. And the commander says: "There will be enough feet, back". I left back.

He jumped off and says: "You pier



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